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Hamburger Beiträge zur Mathematik

971 Ingo Runkel, Christoph Schweigert, Ying Hong Tham
Excision for Spaces of Admissible Skeins
970 Jürgen Fuchs, César Galindo, David Jaklitsch, Christoph Schweigert
A manifestly Morita-invariant construction of Turaev-Viro invariants
969 Sandra Albrechtsen, Raphael W. Jacobs, Paul Knappe, Max Pitz
Linked tree-decompositions into finite parts
968 Sandra Albrechtsen, Raphael W. Jacobs, Paul Knappe, Max Pitz
Counterexamples regarding linked and lean tree-decompositions of infinite graphs
967 Sandra Albrechtsen
Tangle-tree duality in infinite graphs
966 Jürgen Fuchs, Gregor Schaumann, Christoph Schweigert, Simon Wood
Grothendieck-Verdier module categories, Frobenius algebras and relative Serre functors
965 Omer Ben-Neria, Philipp Lücke
On Σ1-Definable Closed Unbounded Sets
964 Monique Müller, Héctor Martín Peña Pollastri, Julia Plavnik
On bicrossed product of fusion categories and exact factorizations
963 Philipp Lücke
The complexity of non-stationary ideals
962 Ioannis Chrysikos, Vicente Cortés, Jan Gregorovič
Curvature of quaternionic skew-Hermitian manifolds and bundle constructions
961 Agustina Czenky, Julia Plavnik, Andrew Schopieray
On Frobenius-Schur exponent bounds
960 Peter Holy, Philipp Lücke, Sandra Müller
Outward compactness
959 Vicente Cortés, Alejandro Gil-García, Danu Thung
Symmetries of one-loop deformed q-map spaces
958 Ayelet Lindenstrauss, Birgit Richter, Foling Zou
Examples of étale extensions of Green functors
957 Ayelet Lindenstrauss, Birgit Richter, Foling Zou
Loday Constructions of Tambara functors
956 Attila Joó
A note on matching variables to equations
955 Lukas Müller, Christoph Schweigert, Lukas Woike, Yang Yang
The Lyubashenko Modular Functor for Drinfeld Centers via Non-Semisimple String-Nets
954 Ernst Kleinert
Eine Bemerkung zur multiplikativen Struktur der Zahlkörper
[Download (135 KB)]
953 Julian Farnsteiner and Christoph Schweigert
The evaluation of graphs on surfaces for state-sum models with defects
952 V. Cortés, I. Tulli
S-duality and the universal isometries of instanton corrected q-map spaces
951 V. Cortés, T. Leistner
Compact locally conformally pseudo-Kähler manifolds with essential conformal transformations
950 V. Cortés, L. David
Classification of odd generalized Einstein metrics on 3-dimensional Lie groups
949 Attila Joó
The Lovász-Cherkassky theorem in infinite graphs
948 Vincenzo Dimonte, Martina Iannella, Philipp Lücke
Descriptive properties of I2-embeddings
947 Felix Gerken, Ingo Runkel, Christoph Schweigert, Thore Posske
All product eigenstates in Heisenberg models from a graphical construction
946 Petter Andreas Bergh, Julia Yael Plavnik, Sarah Witherspoon
Support varieties without the tensor product property
945 J. Fuchs, G. Schaumann, C. Schweigert, S. Wood
Grothendieck-Verdier duality in categories of bimodules and weak module functors
944 Petter Andreas Bergh, Julia Yael Plavnik, Sarah Witherspoon
Support varieties for finite tensor categories: the tensor product property
943 Attila Joó
Finite matchability under the matroidal Hall's condition
942 Agustina Czenky, William Gvozdjak, and Julia Plavnik
Classification of low-rank odd-dimensional modular categories
941 Jürgen Fuchs, Christoph Schweigert, Simon Wood, Yang Yang
Algebraic structures in two-dimensional conformal field theory
940 Sandra Albrechtsen
Refining trees of tangles in abstract separation systems I: Inessential parts
939 Raphael W. Jacobs, Paul Knappe
Efficiently distinguishing all tangles in locally finite graphs
938 Hannes Knötzele, Christoph Schweigert, Matthias Traube
Twisted Drinfeld centers and framed string-nets
937 Jürgen Fuchs, Christoph Schweigert, Yang Yang
String-net models for pivotal bicategories
936 Reinhard Diestel, Raphael W. Jacobs, Paul Knappe, Jan Kurkofka
Canonical graph decompositions via coverings
935 Reinhard Diestel, Raphael W. Jacobs, Paul Knappe, Paul Wollan
A grid theorem for strong immersions of walls
934 J. Pascal Gollin and Attila Joó
Matching variables to equations in infinite linear equation systems
933 V. Cortés, A. Gil García, A. Saha
A class of locally inhomogeneous complete quaternionic Kähler manifolds
932 Yurii Khomskii, Hrafn Oddsson
Paraconsistent and Paracomplete Zermelo-Fraenkel Set Theory
931 Adrien DeLazzer Meunier, Christoph Schweigert, Matthias Traube
A G-equivariant string-net construction
930 V. Cortés, K. Hasegawa
The H/Q-correspondence and a generalization of the supergravity c-map
929 Paul Knappe, Jan Kurkofka
The immersion-minimal infinitely edge-connected graph
928 E. Kleinert
Zugänge zur Klassenkörpertheorie
[Download (540 KB)]
927 J. Fuchs, C. Galindo, D. Jaklitsch, C. Schweigert
Spherical Morita contexts and relative Serre functors
926 V. Cortés, L. David
Bn-generalized pseudo-Kähler structures
925 V. Cortés, A. Saha, D. Thung
Hermitian structures on a class of quaternionic Kähler manifolds
924 V. Cortés, D. Krusche
Classification of generalized Einstein metrics on 3-dimensional Lie groups
923 V. Cortés
A note on quaternionic Kähler manifolds with ends of finite volume
922 Marcel Koloschin, Thilo Krill, Max Pitz
End spaces and tree-decompositions
921 Zsuzsanna Jankó and Attila Joó
On generalisations of the Aharoni-Pouzet base exchange theorem
920 Christoph Schweigert, Lukas Woike
Homotopy Invariants of Braided Commutative Algebras and the Deligne Conjecture for Finite Tensor Categories
919 Thilo Krill
Universal graphs for the topological minor relation
915 Tristan van der Vlugt
Separating Many Localisation Cardinals on the Generalised Baire Space
914 Matthieu Faitg, Azat Gainurdinov and Christoph Schweigert
Davydov-Yetter cohomology and relative homological algebra
913 V. Cortés, I. Tulli
Titel: S-duality and the universal isometries of q-map spaces
912 V. Cortés, J. Ehlert, A.S. Haupt, D. Lindemann
Classification of left-invariant Einstein metrics on SL(2,R)×SL(2,R) that are bi-invariant under a one-parameter subgroup
911 Nathan Bowler, Florian Gut, Attila Joó, Max Pitz
Maker-Breaker games on $K_{\omega_1}$ and $K_{\omega,\omega_1}$
910 Nathan Bowler, Marit Emde, Florian Gut
The $K_{\aleph_0}$-Game: Vertex Colouring
909 Jürgen Fuchs, Christoph Schweigert, Yang Yang
String-net construction of RCFT correlators
908 V. Cortés, A. Murcia
Heisenberg-invariant self-dual Einstein manifolds
907 Raphael W. Jacobs, Attila Joó, Paul Knappe, Jan Kurkofka, Ruben Melcher
The Lovász-Cherkassky theorem for locally finite graphs with ends
906 Zsuzsanna Jankó and Attila Joó
Cutting a cake for infinitely many guests
905 Florian Gut, Attila Joó
Large vertex-flames in uncountable digraphs
904 Robert Allen, Simon Lentner, Christoph Schweigert, Simon Wood
Duality structures for representation categories of vertex operator algebras and the Feigin Fuchs boson
903 Reinhard Diestel, Christian Elbracht, Raphael W. Jacobs
Deciders for tangles of set separations
902 César Galindo, David Jaklitsch, Christoph Schweigert
Equivariant Morita theory for graded tensor categories
901 V. Cortés, I. Tulli
Quaternionic Kähler metrics associated to special Kähler manifolds with mutually local variations of BPS structures
900 V. Cortés, K. Hasegawa
Unimodular Sasaki and Vaisman Lie groups
899 V. Cortés, M. Röser, D. Thung
Complete quaternionic Kähler manifolds with finite volume ends
898 Vincent Koppen, Vincentas Mulevicius, Ingo Runkel, Christoph Schweigert
Domain walls between 3d phases of Reshetikhin-Turaev TQFTs
897 D. V. Alekseevsky, V. Cortés
Special Vinberg Cones
896 Vicente Cortés, Arpan Saha
Four-dimensional Einstein manifolds with Heisenberg symmetry
895 Maximilian Teegen, Christian Elbracht, Jakob Kneip
The Structure of Submodular Separation Systems
894 Maximilian Teegen, Christian Elbracht, Jakob Kneip
The Unravelling Problem
893 Julian Farnsteiner, Christoph Schweigert
Frobenius Schur indicators and the mapping class group of the torus
892 Christoph Schweigert, Lukas Woike
The differential graded Verlinde Formula and the Deligne conjecture
891 Attila Joó
On the Packing/Covering Conjecture of Infinite Matroids
890 C. Schweigert, L. Woike
The trace field theory of a finite tensor category
889 Hong Liu, Christian Reiher, Maryam Sharifzadeh, Katherine Staden
Geometric construction for Ramsey-Turán theory
888 Xizhi Liu, Dhruv Mubayi, Christian Reiher
Hypergraphs with many extremal configurations
887 Attila Joó
The Lovász-Cherkasskiy Theorem in Countable Graphs
886 Severin Bunk
Gerbes in Geometry, Field Theory, and Quantisation
885 Eva Höning, Birgit Richter
Detecting and describing ramification for structured ring spectra
884 Christian Reiher, Vojtěch Rödl, Marcelo Sales, Kevin Sames, Mathias Schacht
On quantitative aspects of a canonisation theorem for edge-orderings
883 Tereza Klimošová, Christian Reiher, Andrzej Ruciński, Matas Šileikis
Sandwiching biregular random graphs
882 V. Cortés and L. David
T-duality for transitive Courant algebroids
881 Jan Kurkofka, Ruben Melcher
Countably determined ends and graphs
880 Ruben Melcher
Hamiltonicity in infinite tournaments
879 Christian Elbracht, Jan Kurkofka und Maximilian Teegen
Edge-connectivity and tree-structure in finite and infinite graphs
878 Jürgen Fuchs, Christoph Schweigert
Bulk from boundary in finite CFT by means of pivotal module categories
877 Christian Elbracht, Jakob Kneip and Maximilian Teegen
Obtaining trees of tangles from tangle-tree duality
876 Stefan Geschke, Jan Kurkofka, Ruben Melcher, Max Pitz
Halin's end degree conjecture
875 Carl Bürger, Ruben Melcher
Ends of digraphs III: normal arborescences
874 Carl Bürger, Ruben Melcher
Ends of digraphs II: the topological point of view
873 Carl Bürger, Ruben Melcher
Ends of digraphs I: basic theory
872 Christian Elbracht, Jakob Kneip
A canonical tree-of-tangles theorem for submodular separation systems
871 Attila Joó
On a linking property of infinite matroids
870 Attila Joó
Intersection of a partitional and a general infinite matroid
869 Yurii Khomskii, Marlene Koelbing, Giorgio Laguzzi, Wolfgang Wohofsky
Laver Trees in the Generalized Baire Space
[Download (406 KB)]
868 Reinhard Diestel
Hypergraph homology
[Download (646 KB)]
867 Laurens Lootens, Jürgen Fuchs, Jutho Haegeman, Christoph Schweigert, Frank Verstraete
Matrix product operator symmetries and intertwiners in string-nets with domain walls
866 Attila Joó
Greedoids from flames
865 Jürgen Fuchs und Christoph Schweigert
Internal natural transformations and Frobenius algebras in the Drinfeld center
864 Lorenzo Galeotti, Yurii Khomskii and Jouko Väänänen
Bounded Symbiosis and Upwards Reflection
[Download (999 KB)]
863 Hendrik Heine
Path spaces I: A Menger-type result
862 Simón Piga, Bjarne Schülke
On extremal problems concerning the traces of sets
861 Joanna Polcyn, Christian Reiher, Vojtěch Rödl, Bjarne Schülke
On Hamiltonian cycles in hypergraphs with dense link graphs
860 Yoshiharu Kohayakawa, Walner Mendonça, Guilherme Oliveira Mota, Bjarne Schülke
Covering 3-edge-coloured random graphs with monochromatic trees
859 Jan Kurkofka
The Farey graph is uniquely determined by its connectivity
858 Severin Bunk
Principal Infinity-Bundles and Smooth String Group Models
857 Severin Bunk
The R-local Homotopy Theory of Smooth Spaces
856 Carl Bürger, Jan Kurkofka
End-faithful spanning trees in graphs without normal spanning trees
855 Max Pitz
Quickly proving Diestel's normal spanning tree criterion
854 Max Pitz
A note on minor antichains of uncountable graphs
853 Christian Elbracht, Jakob Kneip, Maximilian Teegen
Trees of tangles in infinite separation systems
852 P. Araújo, S. Piga, M. Schacht
Localised codegree conditions for tight Hamilton cycles in 3-uniform hypergraphs
851 Joonkyung Lee, Bjarne Schülke
Convex graphon parameters and graph norms
850 Johann Bellmann, Bjarne Schülke
Short proof that Kneser graphs are Hamiltonian for~$n\geq 4k$
849 Bjarne Schülke
A pair-degree condition for Hamiltonian cycles in 3-uniform hypergraphs
848 Jan Kurkofka
Every infinitely edge-connected graph contains the Farey graph or T_{aleph_0}*t as a minor
847 Walker H. Stern, Lóránt Szegedy
Topological field Theories on open-closed r-spin surfaces
846 Carl Bürger, Jan Kurkofka
Duality theorems for stars and combs IV: Undominating stars
845 Carl Bürger, Jan Kurkofka
Duality theorems for stars and combs III: Undominated combs
844 Carl Bürger, Jan Kurkofka
Duality theorems for stars and combs II: Dominating stars and dominated combs
843 Carl Bürger, Jan Kurkofka
Duality theorems for stars and combs I: Arbitrary stars and combs
842 J. Polcyn, C. Reiher, V. Rödl, A. Ruciński, M.Schacht, B. Schülke
Minimum pair degree condition for tight Hamiltonian cycles in 4-uniform hypergraphs
841 S. Antoniuk, A. Dudek, C. Reiher, A. Ruciński, M. Schacht
High powers of Hamiltonian cycles in randomly augmented graphs
840 Joanna Polcyn, Christian Reiher, Tomasz Łuczak
Andrásfai and Vega graphs in Ramsey-Turán theory
839 Joanna Polcyn, Christian Reiher, Tomasz Łuczak
On the Ramsey-Turán density of triangles
838 Max Pitz
Proof of Halin's normal spanning tree conjecture
[Download (411 KB)]
837 Max Pitz
A new obstruction for normal spanning trees.
[Download (386 KB)]
836 Max Pitz
A unified existence theorem for normal spanning trees.
[Download (282 KB)]
835 Christoph Schweigert, Lukas Woike
Homotopy Coherent Mapping Class Group Actions and Excision for Hochschild Complexes of Modular Categories
834 Severin Bunk, Lukas Müller, Richard J. Szabo
Smooth 2-Group Extensions and Symmetries of Bundle Gerbes
833 Lukas Müller, Lukas Woike
Dimensional Reduction, Extended Topological Field Theories and Orbifoldization
832 L. Galeotti, A. Hanafi, B. Löwe
Relations Between Notions Of Gaplessness For Non-Archimedean Fields
[Download (332 KB)]
831 Matthieu Faitg
Holonomy and (stated) skein algebras in combinatorial quantization
830 Marco Benini, Marco Perin, Alexander Schenkel, Lukas Woike
Categorification of algebraic quantum field theories
829 Joshua Erde, Pascal Gollin, Attila Joó
Enlarging vertex-flames in countable digraphs
828 Jürgen Fuchs, Gregor Schaumann, Christoph Schweigert
Module Eilenberg-Watts calculus
827 Ann-Kathrin Elm, Jan Kurkofka
A tree-of-tangles theorem for infinite-order tangles
826 Jan Kurkofka, Ruben Melcher, Max Pitz
Approximating infinite graphs by normal trees
825 Simon Lentner, Svea Nora Mierach, Christoph Schweigert, Yorck Sommerhäuser
Hochschild Cohomology, Modular Tensor Categories, and Mapping Class Groups I. General Theory
824 Attila Joó
Proof of Nash-Williams' Intersection Conjecture for countable matroids
[Download (497 KB)]
823 Alice Hedenlund, Sarah Klanderman, Ayelet Lindenstrauss, Birgit Richter, Foling Zou
Loday constructions on twisted products and on tori
822 Severin Bunk
Sheaves of Higher Categories and Presentations of Smooth Functorial Field Theories
821 V. Cortés, A. Saha, D. Thung
Curvature of quaternionic Kähler manifolds with S1-symmetry
820 V. Cortés, A. Saha, D. Thung
Symmetries of quaternionic Kähler manifolds with S1-symmetry
819 Vincent Koppen
Defects in Kitaev models and bicomodule algebras
818 Merlin Carl, Lorenzo Galeotti
Resetting Infinite Time Blum-Shub-Smale-Machines
[Download (287 KB)]
817 Joshua Erde, Pascal Gollin, Atilla Joó, Paul Knappe, Max Pitz
Base partition for finitary-cofinitary matroid families
[Download (447 KB)]
816 Jan Kurkofka
Order-compatible paths are not edge-ubiquitous
815 V. Cortés, C. I. Lazaroiu, C. S. Shahbazi
Spinors of real type as polyforms and the generalized Killing equation
814 Simon Lentner, Ilaria Flandoli
Algebras of non-local screenings and diagonal Nichols algebras
813 Christoph Schweigert, Yang Yang
CFT correlators for Cardy bulk fields via string-net models
812 Jürgen Fuchs, Gregor Schaumann, Christoph Schweigert
A modular functor from state sums for finite tensor categories and their bimodules
811 Vincent Koppen, Ehud Meir und Christoph Schweigert
On isotypic decompositions for non-semisimple Hopf algebras
810 J. Pascal Gollin, Jakob Kneip
Representations of infinite tree sets
809 J. Pascal Gollin, Karl Heuer
On the infinite Lucchesi-Younger conjecture I
808 Jakob Kneip
Ends as tangles
807 Jakob Kneip
Profinite tree sets
806 Oliver Ebsen, Giulia S. Maesaka, Christian Reiher, Mathias Schacht, Bjarne Schülke
Embedding spanning subgraphs in uniformly dense and inseparable graphs
805 Azat Gainutdinov, Jonas Haferkamp und Christoph Schweigert
Davydov-Yetter cohomology, comonads and Ocneanu rigidity
804 Eva Höning
The topological Hochschild homology of algebraic K-theory of finite fields
803 Christian Elbracht, Jakob Kneip, Maximilian Teegen
Trees of tangles in abstract separation systems
802 Christoph Schweigert, Lukas Woike
The Hochschild Complex of a Finite Tensor Category
801 Attila Joó
On the growth rate of dichromatic numbers of finite subdigraphs
[Download (546 KB)]
800 V. Cortés, L. Gall and T. Mohaupt
Four-dimensional vector multiplets in arbitrary signature
799 Florian Noethen
Computing covariant Lyapunov vectors in Hilbert spaces
798 Ingo Runkel
String-net models for non-spherical pivotal fusion categories
797 J. Erde, P. Gollin, A. Joo, P. Knappe and M. Pitz
A Cantor-Bernstein-type theorem for spanning trees in infinite graphs
796 Lóránt Szegedy
On invertible 2-dimensional framed and r-spin topological field theories
795 Lukas Müller, Richard J. Szabo and Lóránt Szegedy
Symmetry defects and orbifolds of two-dimensional Yang-Mills theory
794 Deepak Bal, Ross Berkowitz, Pat Devlin, Mathias Schacht
Hamiltonian Berge cycles in random hypergraphs
793 Florian Noethen
Well-separating common complements of a sequence of subspaces of the same codimension in a Hilbert space are generic
792 Dennis Clemens, Meysam Miralaei, Damian Reding, Mathias Schacht, Anusch Taraz
On the size-Ramsey number of grid graphs
791 Sören Berger, Joonkyung Lee, Mathias Schacht
Odd cycles in subgraphs of sparse pseudorandom graphs
790 Bhargav Narayanan, Mathias Schacht
Sharp thresholds for nonlinear Hamiltonian cycles in hypergraphs
789 Marco Benini, Simen Bruinsma, Alexander Schenkel
"Linear Yang-Mills theory as a homotopy AQFT"
788 Ayelet Lindenstrauss, Birgit Richter
Stability of Loday constructions
787 Vicente Cortés and Liana David
Generalized connections, spinors, and integrability of generalized structures on Courant algebroids
786 Attila Joó
The Complete Lattice of Erdős-Menger-Menger Separations
[Download (442 KB)]
785 Vicente Cortés, Kazuyuki Hasegawa
The quaternionic/hypercomplex-correspondence
784 P. Gartside, M. Pitz
Eulerian spaces
783 Lorenzo Galeotti
Surreal Blum-Shub-Smale Machines
[Download (339 KB)]
782 Marco Benini, Alexander Schenkel
Higher Structures in Algebraic Quantum Field Theory
781 Marco Benini, Marco Perin, Alexander Schenkel
Model-independent comparison between factorization algebras and algebraic quantum field theory on Lorentzian manifolds
780 Complexity of Stability in Trading Networks
Tamás Fleiner, Zsuzsanna Jankó, Ildikó Schlotter, Alexander Teytelboym
779 Jürgen Fuchs, Christoph Schweigert
Full logarithmic conformal field theory - an attempt at a status report
778 Matthias Hamann, Florian Lehner, Babak Miraftab, Tim Rühmann
A Stallings' type theorem for quasi-transitive graphs
777 Babak Miraftab, Tim Rühmann
Two-ended quasi-transitive graphs
776 Babak Miraftab, Konstantinos Stavropoulos
Splitting groups with cubic Cayley graphs of connectivity two
775 Dmitri Alekseevsky, Vicente Cortés, Thomas Leistner
Geometry and holonomy of indecomposable cones
774 Christian Reiher
Extremal problems in uniformly dense hypergraphs
773 Konrad Engel, Themis Mitsis, Christos Pelekis, Christian Reiher
Projection inequalities for antichains
772 Murad Alim, Martin Vogrin
Gauss-Manin Lie algebra of mirror elliptic K3 surfaces
771 Lukas Müller, Lukas Woike
The Little Bundles Operad
770 Andrés Eduardo Caicedo, Benedikt Löwe
The fourteen Victoria Delfino problems and their status in the year 2019
[Download (488 KB)]
769 P. Knappe and M. Pitz
Circuits through prescribed edges
768 Christian Elbracht, Jakob Kneip, Maximilian Teegen
Tangles are decided by weighted vertex sets
767 J. Belletête, A.M. Gainutdinov, J.L. Jacobsen, H. Saleur, T.S. Tavares
Topological defects in lattice models and affine Temperley-Lieb algebra
766 V. Cortés, C. I. Lazaroiu, C. S. Shahbazi
Geometric N=1 supergravity and chiral triples on Riemann surfaces
765 Severin Bunk, Konrad Waldorf
Smooth Functorial Field Theories from B-Fields and D-Branes
764 Nathan Bowler, Christian Elbracht, Joshua Erde, Pascal Gollin, Karl Heuer, Max Pitz, Maximilian Teegen
Ubiquity in graphs II: Ubiquity of graphs with non-linear end structure
763 Paul Gartside, Max Pitz
n -arc and n-circle connected graph-like spaces
762 Carl Bürger, Max Pitz
Partitioning edge-coloured infinite complete bipartite graphs into monochromatic paths
761 Carl Bürger, Louis DeBiasio, Hannah Guggiari, Max Pitz
Partitioning Edge-Coloured Complete Symmetric Digraphs into Monochromatic Complete Subgraphs
760 Attila Joó
On partitioning the edges of an infinite digraph into directed cycles
[Download (403 KB)]
759 Attila Joó
Packing countably many branchings with prescribed root-sets in infinite digraphs
[Download (450 KB)]
758 Attila Joó
Edmonds' Branching Theorem in Digraphs without Forward-infinite Paths
[Download (376 KB)]
757 Attila Joó
Gomory-Hu trees of infinite graphs with finite total weight
[Download (363 KB)]
756 Attila Joó
Highly connected infinite digraphs without edge-disjoint back and forth paths between a certain vertex pair
[Download (296 KB)]
755 Attila Joó
Countable Menger's theorem with finitary matroid constraints on the ingoing edges
[Download (337 KB)]
754 Benedikt Löwe, Robert Passmann, Sourav Tarafder
Constructing illoyal algebra-valued models of set theory
[Download (395 KB)]
753 Lorenzo Galeotti, Benedikt Löwe
Order types of models of reducts of Peano Arithmetic and their fragments
[Download (502 KB)]
752 Merlin Carl, Lorenzo Galeotti, Benedikt Löwe
The Bolzano-Weierstrass Theorem in generalised analysis
[Download (463 KB)]
751 Lukas Müller, Lukas Woike
Equivariant Higher Hochschild Homology and Topological Field Theories
750 N. Aghaei, A.M. Gainutdinov, M. Pawelkiewicz, V. Schomerus
Combinatorial Quantisation of GL(1|1) Chern-Simons Theory I: The Torus
749 Irina Bobkova, Eva Höning, Ayelet Lindenstrauss, Kate Poirier, Birgit Richter, Inna Zakharevich
Splittings and calculational techniques for higher THH
748 Azat M. Gainutdinov, Simon Lentner, Tobias Ohrmann
Modularization of small quantum groups
747 A. Fontalvo Orozco, A.M. Gainutdinov
Module traces and Hopf group-coalgebras
746 Severin Bunk, Konrad Waldorf
Transgression of D-Branes
745 Christian Ausoni, Birgit Richter
Towards topological Hochschild homology of Johnson-Wilson spectra
744 Joshua Erde, Daniel Weißauer
A short derivation of the structure theorem for graphs with excluded topological minors
743 Ingo Runkel, Lóránt Szegedy
Area-dependent quantum field theory with defects
742 Nathan Bowler, Christian Elbracht, Joshua Erde, Pascal Gollin, Karl Heuer, Max Pitz, Maximilian Teegen
Ubiquity in graphs I: Topological ubiquity of trees
741 Jan Kurkofka, Max Pitz
Tangles and the Stone-Čech compactification of infinite graphs
740 Christoph Schweigert, Konrad Waldorf
Non-abelian gerbes and some applications in string theory
739 Andrzej Dudek, Christian Reiher, Andrzej Ruciński, Mathias Schacht
Powers of Hamiltonian cycles in randomly augmented graphs
738 Marco Benini, Alexander Schenkel, Lukas Woike
Homotopy theory of algebraic quantum field theories
737 J. Pascal Gollin, Karl Heuer
An analogue of Edmonds' Branching Theorem for infinite digraphs
736 Reinhard Diestel, Joshua Erde, Daniel Weißauer
Structural submodularity and tangles in abstract separation systems
[Download (306 KB)]
735 Daniel Weißauer
In absence of long chordless cycles, large tree-width becomes a local phenomenon
734 Daniel Weißauer
Algebraically grid-like graphs have large tree-width
733 Daniel Weißauer
Steiner trees and higher geodecity
732 Louis Bellmann, Christian Reiher
Turán's Theorem for the Fano plane
731 Wiebke Bedenknecht, Christian Reiher
Squares of Hamiltonian cycles in 3-uniform hypergraphs
730 Jan Kurkofka, Max Pitz
Ends, tangles and critical vertex sets
729 Ben Barber and Joshua Erde
Isoperimetry in integer lattices
728 Severin Bunk, Lukas Müller, Richard J. Szabo
Geometry and 2-Hilbert Space for Nonassociative Magnetic Translations
727 Lukas Müller, Lukas Woike
Parallel Transport of Higher Flat Gerbes as an Extended Homotopy Quantum Field Theory
726 Ingo Runkel, Lóránt Szegedy
Topological field theory on r-spin surfaces and the Arf invariant
725 Marco Benini, Alexander Schenkel, Lukas Woike
Involutive categories, colored *-operads and quantum field theory
724 Vincent Koppen
Category-valued traces for bimodule categories: a representation-theoretic realization
723 Christoph Schweigert, Lukas Woike
Extended Homotopy Quantum Field Theories and their Orbifoldization
722 Vladimir Kazakov, Enrico Olivucci
Bi-scalar integrable CFT at any Dimension
721 C. Bürger, M. Pitz
Decomposing edge-coloured complete symmetric digraphs into monochromatic paths
720 P. Gartside, A. Mamatelashvili, M. Pitz
n-Arc Connected Graphs
719 Birgit Richter, Steffen Sagave
A strictly commutative model for the cochain algebra of a space
718 Anna Beliakova, Christian Blanchet, Azat M. Gainutdinov
Modified trace is a symmetrised integral
717 Azat M. Gainutdinov, Jesper L. Jacobsen, Hubert Saleur
A fusion for the periodic Temperley-Lieb algebra and its continuum limit
716 Reinhard Diestel, Jakob Kneip
Profinite separation systems
[Download (660 KB)]
715 Oliver Ebsen, Mathias Schacht
Homomorphism thresholds for odd cycles
714 Marco Benini, Claudio Dappiaggi, Alexander Schenkel
Algebraic quantum field theories on spacetimes with timelike boundary
713 Severin Bunk, Richard J. Szabo
Topological Insulators and the Kane-Mele Invariant: Obstruction and Localisation Theory
712 Ernst Kleinert
Remarks on the Polynomial Decomposition Law
[Download (173 KB)]
711 Chr. Reiher, M. Schacht
Forcing quasirandomness with triangles
710 E. Aigner-Horev, D. Conlon, H. Hàn, Y. Person, M. Schacht
Quasirandomness in hypergraphs
709 Jürgen Fuchs, Terry Gannon, Gregor Schaumann, Christoph Schweigert
The logarithmic Cardy case: boundary states and annuli
708 Joshua Erde
Directed path-decompositions
707 Clara Marie Lüders, Christian Reiher
Weighted variants of the Andrásfai-Erdös-Sós Theorem
[Download (471 KB)]
706 Christoph Schweigert, Lukas Woike
A Parallel Section Functor for 2-Vector Bundles
705 J. Erde, F. Lehner, M. Pitz
Hamilton decompositions of one-ended Cayley graphs
704 Birgit Richter
Commutative ring spectra
703 Dan Abramovich, Qile Chen, Mark Gross, Bernd Siebert
Decomposition of degenerate Gromov-Witten invariants
702 Hülya Argüz, Bernd Siebert
On the real locus in the Kato-Nakayama space of logarithmic spaces with a view toward toric degenerations
701 Mark Gross, Bernd Siebert
Intrinsic mirror symmetry and punctured Gromov-Witten invariants
700 Helge Ruddat, Bernd Siebert
Canonical Coordinates in Toric Degenerations
699 Mark Gross, Bernd Siebert
Local mirror symmetry in the tropics
698 Babak Miraftab, Tim Rühmann
Hamilton circles in Cayley graphs
697 Babak Miraftab
Inverse Limits and Topologies of Infinite Graphs
696 Babak Miraftab, Tim Rühmann
From cycles to circles in Cayley graphs
695 Babak Miraftab, Javad Moghadamzadeh
Algebraic flow theory of infinite graphs
694 Christian Böhning, Hans-Christian Graf von Bothmer, Pawel Sosna
On the derived category of the classical Godeaux surface
693 Christian Böhning, Hans-Christian Graf von Bothmer, Ludmil Katzarkov, Pawel Sosna
Determinantal Barlow surfaces and phantom categories
692 Christian Böhning, Hans-Christian Graf von Bothmer, Pawel Sosna
On the Jordan-Hölder property for geometric derived categories
691 Laurent Bartholdi, Xavier Buff, Hans-Christian Graf von Bothmer, Jakob Kröker
Algorithmic construction of Hurwitz maps
690 Asher Auel, Christian Böhning, Hans-Christian Graf v. Bothmer, Alena Pirutka
The transcendental lattice of the sextic Fermat surface
689 Fedor Bogomolov, Christian Böhning, Hans-Christian Graf von Bothmer
Birationally isotrivial fiber spaces
688 Christian Böhning, Hans-Christian Graf von Bothmer, Pawel Sosna
On the dynamical degrees of reflections on cubic fourfolds
687 Christian Böhning, Hans-Christian Graf von Bothmer, Pawel Sosna
Some properties of dynamical degrees with a view towards cubic fourfolds
686 Christian Böhning, Hans-Christian Graf von Bothmer
On stable rationality of some conic bundles and moduli spaces of Prym curves
685 Asher Auel, Christian Böhning, Hans-Christian Graf v. Bothmer, Alena Pirutka
Conic bundles with nontrivial unramified Brauer group over threefolds
684 Christian Böhning, Hans-Christian Graf von Bothmer
Degenerations of Gushel-Mukai fourfolds, with a view towards irrationality proofs
683 Joshua Erde
A unified treatment of linked and lean tree-decompositions
682 Marco Benini, Alexander Schenkel, Lukas Woike
Operads for algebraic quantum field theory
681 Clara Marie Lüders, Christian Reiher
The Ramsey-Turán problem for cliques
[Download (529 KB)]
680 Jörg Brendle and Yurii Khomskii
Definable Maximal Independent Families
[Download (312 KB)]
679 Christian Reiher and Stephan Wagner
Maximum star densities
[Download (417 KB)]
678 Lorenz Hilfiker, Ingo Runkel
Existence and uniqueness of solutions to Y-systems and TBA equations
677 Florian Beck
Hitchin and Calabi-Yau integrable systems via variations of Hodge structures
676 Reinhard Diestel
Abstract separation systems
[Download (422 KB)]
675 Daniel Weißauer
A zero-sum problem on graphs
674 Daniel Weißauer
On the block number of graphs
673 J. Carmesin
Topological cycle matroids of infinite graphs
671 R. Diestel, P. Eberenz, J. Erde
Duality theorems for blocks and tangles in graphs
[Download (536 KB)]
670 Tomasz Łuczak, Joanna Polcyn, Christian Reiher
A tale of stars and cliques
[Download (488 KB)]
669 T. Creutzig, A.M. Gainutdinov, I. Runkel
A quasi-Hopf algebra for the triplet vertex operator algebra
668 V. Farsad, A.M. Gainutdinov, I. Runkel
The symplectic fermion ribbon quasi-Hopf algebra and the SL(2,Z)-action on its centre
667 V. Cortés, L. David
Twist, elementary deformation, and KK correspondence in generalized complex geometry
666 Chr. Reiher, V. Rödl, M. Schacht
Hypergraphs with vanishing Turán density in uniformly dense hypergraphs
664 Simon Lentner, Svea Nora Mierach, Christoph Schweigert, Yorck Sommerhäuser
Hochschild cohomology and the modular group
663 I. Flandoli, S. Lentner
Logarithmic conformal field theories of type $B_n,ell=4$ and symplectic fermions
662 S. Lentner, K. Vocke
On Borel subalgebras of quantum groups
661 N. Bowler, J. Erde, F. Lehner, M. Merker, M. Pitz, K. Stavropoulos
A counterexample to Montgomery's conjecture on dynamic colourings of regular graphs
660 Max Pitz
Hamilton cycles in infinite cubic graphs
659 Jonathan Belletête, Azat M. Gainutdinov, Jesper L. Jacobsen, Hubert Saleur, Romain Vasseur
On the correspondence between boundary and bulk lattice models and (logarithmic) conformal field theories
658 J. de O. Bastos, G. O. Mota, M. Schacht, J. Schnitzer, F. Schulenburg
Loose Hamiltonian cycles forced by large (k-2)-degree - sharp version
657 Vicente Cortés, Arpan Saha
Quarter-pinched Einstein metrics interpolating between real and complex hyperbolic metrics
656 Christoph Schweigert, Lukas Woike
Orbifold Construction for Topological Field Theories
655 J. Pascal Gollin, Karl Heuer
Infinite end-devouring sets of rays with prescribed start vertices
654 Lorenzo Galeotti, Hugo Nobrega
Towards computable analysis on the generalised real line
653 Florin Belgun, Vicente Cortés, Alexander S. Haupt, David Lindemann
Left-invariant Einstein metrics on S^3 x S^3
652 Lukas Müller, Christoph Schweigert
A GNS construction of three-dimensional abelian Dijkgraaf-Witten theories
651 A.M. Gainutdinov, I. Runkel
Projective objects and the modified trace in factorisable finite tensor categories
650 V. Farsad, A.M. Gainutdinov, I. Runkel
SL(2,Z)-action for ribbon quasi-Hopf algebras
649 Simon Lentner, Karolina Vocke
Constructing new Borel subalgebras of quantum groups with a non-degeneracy property
648 Simon Lentner
The unrolled quantum group inside Lusztig's quantum group of divided powers
647 Simon Lentner
Quantum groups and Nichols algebras acting on conformal field theories
646 Simon Lentner, Jan Priel
Three natural subgroups of the Brauer-Picard group of a Hopf algebra with applications
645 Andrew Brooke-Taylor, Benedikt Loewe, Birgit Richter
Inhabitants of interesting subsets of the Bousfield lattice
644 Vicente Cortés, Peter-Simon Dieterich, Thomas Mohaupt
ASK/PSK-correspondence and the r-map
643 V. Cortés, M. Dyckmanns, M. Jüngling, D. Lindemann
A class of cubic hypersurfaces and quaternionic Kähler manifolds of co-homogeneity one
642 Karl Heuer
Hamiltonicity in locally finite graphs: two extensions and a counterexample
641 Vicente Cortés, Benedict Meinke
Pseudo-Riemannian almost quaternionic homogeneous spaces with irreducible isotropy
640 Reinhard Diestel, Sang-il Oum
Tangle-tree duality: in graphs, matroids and beyond
[Download (668 KB)]
639 Reinhard Diestel, Sang-il Oum
Tangle-tree duality in abstract separation systems
[Download (576 KB)]
638 Simon Lentner, Tobias Ohrmann
Factorizable R-matrices for small quantum groups
637 Nicolás Andruskiewitsch, Christoph Schweigert
On unrolled Hopf algebras
636 Jan Hesse, Alessandro Valentino
The Serre automorphism via homotopy actions and the Cobordism Hypothesis for oriented manifolds
635 Yurii Khomskii
Filter-Laver measurability
[Download (395 KB)]
634 Vicente Cortés, Alexander S. Haupt
Lecture Notes on Mathematical Methods of Classical Physics
633 N. Bowler, J. Erde, P. Heinig, F. Lehner, M. Pitz
Non-reconstructible locally finite graphs
632 Y. Kohayakawa, G. O. Mota, M. Schacht
Monochromatic trees in random graphs
631 Ernst Kleinert
"Über "lokal" und "global" in der Zahlentheorie"
[Download (296 KB)]
630 Jürgen Fuchs, Gregor Schaumann und Christoph Schweigert
Eilenberg-Watts calculus for finite categories and a bimodule Radford S^4 theorem
629 C. Reiher, V. Rödl, A. Ruciński, M. Schacht, E. Szemerédi
Minimum vertex degree condition for tight Hamiltonian cycles in 3-uniform hypergraphs
628 Jörg Brendle, Yurii Khomskii, Wolfgang Wohofsky
"Cofinalities of Marczewski-like ideals"
[Download (107 KB)]
627 Reinhard Diestel, Fabian Hundertmark, Sahar Lemanczyk
Profiles of separations: in graphs, matroids, and beyond
[Download (710 KB)]
626 W. Bedenknecht, G. O. Mota, Chr. Reiher, M. Schacht
On the local density problem for graphs of given odd-girth
625 B. Espinoza, P. Gartside, and M. Pitz
Graph-Like Compacta: Characterizations and Eulerian Loops
624 Gemma Halliwell, Eva Hoening, Ayelet Lindenstrauss, Birgit Richter, Inna Zakharevich
Relative Loday constructions and applications to higher THH-calculations
623 N. Bowler, S. Geschke, M. Pitz
Minimal obstructions for normal spanning trees
622 V. Cortés, B. Meinke
Pseudo-Riemannian almost hypercomplex homogeneous spaces with irreducible isotropy
621 V. Cortés, M. Dyckmanns, S. Suhr
Title: Completeness of projective special Kähler and quaternionic Kähler manifolds
620 Chr. Reiher, V. Rödl, M. Schacht
On a generalisation of Mantel's theorem to uniformly dense hypergraphs
619 Anssi Lahtinen, David Sprehn
Modular characteristic classes for representations over finite fields
618 Jan Hesse
An equivalence between Frobenius algebras and Calabi-Yau categories
617 V. Bhat, J. Nešetřil, C. Reiher, V. Rödl
A Ramsey Class for Steiner Systems
[Download (1136 KB)]
616 Joshua Erde, Mark Walters
An n-in-a-row type game
[Download (101 KB)]
615 N. Bowler, J. Carmesin, L. Postle
Reconstruction of infinite matroids from their 3-connected minors
[Download (433 KB)]
614 N. Bowler, J. Carmesin, J. Pott
Edge-disjoint double rays in in infinite graphs: a Halin type result
[Download (350 KB)]
613 A.R.D. Mathias, N.J. Bowler
Rudimentary recursion and provident sets
[Download (538 KB)]
612 Florian Lehner
Breaking graph symmetries by edge colorings
611 Marc Hellmuth, Florian Lehner
Fast Factorization of Cartesian products of Hypergraphs
610 Florian Lehner
Pursuit evasion on infinite graphs
[Download (348 KB)]
609 Florian Lehner, Stephan Wagner
Maximising the number of independent sets in connected graphs
[Download (332 KB)]
608 Christoph Hofer-Temmel, Florian Lehner
Clique trees of infinite locally finite chordal graphs
[Download (320 KB)]
607 Matthias Hamann
Group actions on metric spaces: fixed points and free subgroups
606 Matthias Hamann
Homogeneous 2-partite digraphs
605 Matthias Hamann
Countable connected-homogeneous digraphs
604 Matthias Hamann
Accessibility in transitive graphs
603 Matthias Hamann, Daniel Weißauer
Bounding connected tree-width
602 Agelos Georgakopoulos, Matthias Hamann
The planar Cayley graphs are effectively enumerable
601 Matthias Hamann
Planar transitive graphs
600 Johannes Carmesin
A short proof that every finite graph has a tree-decomposition displaying its tangles
[Download (227 KB)]
599 Johannes Carmesin, Bruno Federici, Agelos Georgakopoulos
A Liouville hyperbolic souvlaki
[Download (545 KB)]
598 N. Bowler, J. Erde, P. Heinig, F. Lehner, M. Pitz
A counterexample to the reconstruction conjecture for locally finite trees
597 Jan Hesse, Christoph Schweigert und Alessandro Valentino
Frobenius algebras and homotopy fixed points of group actions on bicategories
596 A.M. Gainutdinov and H. Saleur
Fusion and braiding in finite and affine Temperley-Lieb categories
595 P. Baseilhac, A.M. Gainutdinov, T.T. Vu
Cyclic tridiagonal pairs, higher order Onsager algebras and orthogonal polynomials
594 V. Rödl, A. Ruciński, M. Schacht, E. Szemerédi
On the Hamiltonicity of triple systems with high minimum degree
593 A.M. Gainutdinov, I. Runkel
The non-semisimple Verlinde formula and pseudo-trace functions
592 Bjørn Dundas, Ayelet Lindenstrauss, Birgit Richter
Towards an understanding of ramified extensions of structured ring spectra
591 H. Hàn, T. Retter, V. Rödl, M. Schacht
Ramsey-type numbers involving graphs and hypergraphs with large girth
590 Reinhard Diestel, Geoffrey Whittle
Tangles and the Mona Lisa
[Download (1168 KB)]
589 Jürgen Fuchs, Christoph Schweigert
Coends in Conformal Field Theory
588 Jürgen Fuchs, Christoph Schweigert
Consistent Systems of Correlators in Conformal Field Theory
587 J. de O. Bastos, G. O. Mota, M. Schacht, J. Schnitzer, F. Schulenburg
Loose Hamiltonian cycles forced by large (k-2)-degree – approximate version –
586 Ernst Kleinert
Über Mathematik und Musik / Okkultes und Wahrscheinlichkeit
[Download (243 KB)]
585 Yoshiharu Kohayakawa, Guilherme O. Mota, Mathias Schacht, Anusch Taraz
Counting results for sparse pseudorandom hypergraphs II
584 Yoshiharu Kohayakawa, Guilherme O. Mota, Mathias Schacht, Anusch Taraz
Counting results for sparse pseudorandom hypergraphs I
583 Stefan Wagner, Jouko Mickelsson
Third Group Cohomology and Gerbes over Lie groups
582 Y. Kohayakawa, V. Rödl, M. Schacht
Discrepancy and Eigenvalues of Cayley Graphs
[Download (469 KB)]
581 Mark Gross, Paul Hacking, Sean Keel, Bernd Siebert
Theta functions on varieties with effective anti-canonical class
580 Alexei Davydov, Ingo Runkel
Holomorphic Symplectic Fermions
579 M. Schacht, F. Schulenburg
Sharp thresholds for Ramsey properties of strictly balanced nearly bipartite graphs
[Download (629 KB)]
578 Christian Avart, Bill Kay, Christian Reiher und Vojtech Rödl
The chromatic number of finite type-graphs
[Download (610 KB)]
577 D. Conlon, D. Dellamonica Jr., Steven La Fleur, V. Rödl, M. Schacht
A note on induced Ramsey numbers
576 E. Friedgut, H. Hàn, Y. Person, M. Schacht
A sharp threshold for van der Waerden's theorem in random subsets
575 Reinhard Diestel
Tree sets
[Download (635 KB)]
574 Joshua Erde
Refining a Tree-Decomposition which Distinguishes Tangles
573 N. Bowler, J. Carmesin und Chr. Reiher
The colouring number of infinite graphs
[Download (459 KB)]
572 Simon Lentner, Jan Priel
On monoidal autoequivalences of the category of Yetter-Drinfeld modules over a group: The lazy case
571 Jürgen Fuchs, Christoph Schweigert
Low-dimensional topology, low-dimensional field theory and representation theory
570 Barnabás Farkas, Yurii Khomskii, Zoltán Vidnyánszky
Almost disjoint refinements and mixing reals
569 Sy David Friedman, Yurii Khomskii, Vadim Kulikov
Regularity Properties on the Generalized Reals
[Download (784 KB)]
568 P. Frankl, J. Pach, Chr. Reiher und V. Rödl
Borsuk and Ramsey type questions in Euclidean space
[Download (539 KB)]
567 Reinhard Diestel
Ends and tangles
[Download (671 KB)]
566 Karl Heuer
Excluding a full grid minor
565 V. Cortés, P. Dempster, T. Mohaupt and O. Vaughan
Special Geometry of Euclidean Supersymmetry IV: the local c-map
564 H. Oberkampf and M. Schacht
On the structure of dense graphs with fixed clique number
[Download (356 KB)]
563 C. Reiher and M. Schacht
Clique factors in locally dense graphs
[Download (446 KB)]
562 V. Rödl, A. Ruciński, M. Schacht
Ramsey properties of random graphs and Folkman numbers
[Download (261 KB)]
561 B. Nagle, V. Rödl, M. Schacht
An algorithmic hypergraph regularity lemma
[Download (591 KB)]
560 K. Schwieger and S. Wagner
Free Actions of Compact Groups on C*-Star Algebras, Part II
559 C. Reiher, V. Rödl, M. Schacht
Some remarks on the extremal function for uniformly two-path dense hypergraphs
[Download (488 KB)]
558 S. Geschke
The nonexistence of universal metric flows
[Download (1032 KB)]
557 S. Geschke, S. Huber, M. Kojman
An induced Ramsey theorem for modular profinite graphs
[Download (3648 KB)]
556 N. Bowler, S. Geschke
Self dual uniform matroids on infinite sets
[Download (2638 KB)]
555 S. Messuti, V. Rödl, M. Schacht
Packing minor-closed families of graphs into complete graphs
[Download (416 KB)]
554 Ernst Kleinert
Über Zerlegungsgesetze
[Download (300 KB)]
553 Alexander Schmeding and Christoph Wockel
Functorial aspects of the reconstruction of Lie groupoids from their bisections
552 Alexander Schmeding and Christoph Wockel
(Re)constructing Lie groupoids from their bisections and applications to prequantisation
551 Johannes Carmesin and Pascal Gollin
Canonical tree-decompositions of a graph that display its k-blocks
550 Chr. Reiher, V. Rödl, M. Schacht
Embedding tetrahedra into quasirandom hypergraphs
[Download (404 KB)]
549 K. Schwieger, S. Wagner
Free Actions of Compact Groups on C*-Star Algebras, Part I
548 G. O. Mota, G. N. Sárközy, M. Schacht, A. Taraz
Ramsey numbers for bipartite graphs with small bandwidth
[Download (357 KB)]
547 V. Rödl, A. Ruciński, M. Schacht
An exponential-type upper bound for Folkman numbers
[Download (342 KB)]
546 C. Reiher, V. Rödl, M. Schacht
On a Turán problem in weakly quasirandom 3-uniform hypergraphs
[Download (460 KB)]
545 Tanmay Inamdar, Benedikt Löwe
The Modal Logic of Inner Models
544 Luca Incurvati, Benedikt Löwe
Restrictiveness relative to notions of interpretations
543 Benedikt Löwe, Sourav Tarafder
Generalized algebra-valued models of set theory
542 Alexander Block and Benedikt Löwe
Modal Logics and Multiverses
541 Alexei Davydov, Ana Ros Camacho, Ingo Runkel
N=2 minimal conformal field theories and matrix bifactorisations of x^d
540 A.M. Gainutdinov, I. Runkel
Symplectic fermions and a quasi-Hopf algebra structure on $bar{U}_i sl(2)$
539 S. Lentner, J. Priel
A decomposition of the Brauer-Picard group of the representation category of a finite group
538 E. Kraus, S. Lentner
Nash Equilibria And Partition Functions Of Games With Many Dependent Players
537 M. Cuntz, S. Lentner
A simplicial complex of Nichols algebras
536 Johannes Carmesin
All graphs have tree-decompositions displaying their topological ends
535 Johannes Carmesin and Agelos Georgakopoulos
Every planar graph with the Liouville property is amenable
534 Nathan Bowler and Johannes Carmesin
Infinite trees of matroids
533 Bjorn Dundas, Ayelet Lindenstrauss, Birgit Richter
On higher topological Hochschild homology of rings of integers
532 Jürgen Fuchs, Christoph Schweigert
Symmetries and defects in three-dimensional topological field theory
531 Jürgen Fuchs, Gregor Schaumann, Christoph Schweigert
A trace for bimodule categories
530 Birgit Richter, Brooke Shipley
An algebraic model for commutative HZ-algebras
529 Reinhard Diestel and Malte Müller
Connected tree-width
[Download (463 KB)]
528 Vicente Cortés and Jose J. Vásquez
Locally homogeneous nearly Kähler manifolds
527 Vicente Cortés, Marc Nardmann and Stefan Suhr
Completeness of hyperbolic centroaffine hypersurfaces
526 Simon Lentner, Daniel Nett
A theorem on roots of unity and a combinatorial principle
525 Karl Heuer
A sufficient local degree condition for Hamiltonicity in locally finite claw-free graphs
[Download (347 KB)]
524 Daniel Nett, Simon Lentner
New R-matrices for small quantum groups
523 Alexander Schmeding, Christoph Wockel
The Lie group of bisections of a Lie groupoid
522 Johannes Carmesin
Topological infinite gammoids, and a new Menger-type theorem for infinite graphs
521 Johannes Carmesin
Even an infinite bureaucracy eventually makes a decision
520 Nathan Bowler and Johannes Carmesin
On the intersection conjecture for infinite trees of matroids
519 Reinhard Diestel, Sang-il Oum
Unifying duality theorems for width parameters in graphs and matroids II. General duality
[Download (577 KB)]
518 Reinhard Diestel, Sang-il Oum
Unifying duality theorems for width parameters in graphs and matroids I. Weak and strong duality
[Download (667 KB)]
517 Yurii Khomskii, Giorgio Laguzzi
Full-splitting Miller trees and infinitely often equal reals
[Download (384 KB)]
516 Simon Lentner
A Frobenius homomorphism for Lusztig's quantum groups over arbitrary roots of unity
515 Giorgio Laguzzi
On the separation of regularity properties of the reals
[Download (432 KB)]
514 Giorgio Laguzzi
Generalized Silver and Miller measurability
[Download (414 KB)]
513 Giorgio Laguzzi
Some considerations on amoeba forcing notions
[Download (366 KB)]
512 F. Belgun, V. Cortés, M. Freibert and O. Goertsches
On the boundary behaviour of left-invariant Hitchin and hypo flows
511 Lukas Buhné
Homomorphisms of Gray-categories as pseudo algebras
510 D. V. Alekseevsky, V. Cortés, K. Hasegawa and Y. Kamishima
Homogeneous locally conformally Kähler and Sasaki manifolds
509 Jürgen Fuchs, Jan Priel, Christoph Schweigert, Alessandro Valentino
On the Brauer groups of symmetries of abelian Dijkgraaf-Witten theories
508 Thomas Kalinowski, Uwe Leck, Christian Reiher, Ian T. Roberts
Minimizing the regularity of maximal regular antichains of 2- and 3-sets
[Download (534 KB)]
507 Sebastian Novak, Ingo Runkel
State sum construction of two-dimensional topological quantum field theories on spin surfaces
506 Ernst Kleinert
Über "nichts" und "Nichts" - Überlegungen zu einer axiomatischen Prozeßontologie
[Download (430 KB)]
505 Alexander Barvels, Simon Lentner, Christoph Schweigert
Partially dualized Hopf algebras have equivalent Yetter-Drinfel'd modules
504 Camil I. Aponte Roman, Muriel Livernet, Marcy Robertson, Sarah Whitehouse, Stephanie Ziegenhagen
Representations of derived A-infinity algebras
503 V. Cortés, P. Dempster, T. Mohaupt
Time-like reductions of five-dimensional supergravity
502 Irina Bobkova, Ayelet Lindenstrauss, Kate Poirier, Birgit Richter, Inna Zakharevich
On the higher topological Hochschild homology of F_p and commutative F_p-group algebras
501 Jeffrey C. Morton and Roger Picken
Transformation Double Categories Associated to 2-Group Actions
500 Chenchang Zhu, Christoph Wockel
Integrating central extensions of Lie algebras via Lie 2-groups
499 Christoph Schweigert, Christopher Tropp, Alessandro Valentino
A Serre-Swan theorem for gerbe modules on etale Lie groupoids
498 Christoph Wockel
Topological group cohomology of Lie groups and Chern-Weil theory for compact symmetric spaces
497 Carlo Meneghelli and Gang Yang
Mayer-Cluster Expansion of the Instanton partition function and Thermodynamic Bethe Ansatz
496 Philip Herrmann
Equivariant Motivic Homotopy Theory
495 Christian Reiher
Counting odd cycles in locally dense graphs
[Download (420 KB)]
494 Karl Heuer
A sufficient condition for Hamiltonicity in locally finite graphs
[Download (402 KB)]
493 Nils Carqueville, Ana Ros Camacho, Ingo Runkel
Orbifold equivalent potentials
492 Hadi Afzali, Hiu-Fai Law, Malte Müller
Infinite strict gammoids
491 Birgit Richter
On the homology and homotopy of commutative shuffle algebras
490 Jürgen Fuchs, Christoph Schweigert
A note on permutation twist defects in topological bilayer phases
489 Nathan Bowler, Johannes Carmesin, Robin Christian
Infinite graphic matroids Part I
488 Livia Ferro, Tomasz Lukowski, Carlo Meneghelli, Jan Plefka, Matthias Staudacher
Spectral Parameters for Scattering Amplitudes in N=4 Super Yang-Mills Theory
487 Simon Lentner
Root Systems in Symplectic Vector Spaces Over Finite Fields
486 Marco Freibert
Calibrated and parallel structures on almost Abelian Lie algebras
485 O. Baues and V. Cortés
Symplectic Lie Groups I-III
484 Jürgen Fuchs, Christoph Schweigert, Alessandro Valentino
A geometric approach to boundaries and surface defects in Dijkgraaf-Witten theories
483 R. Diestel, J. Pott
Orthogonality and minimality in the homology of locally finite graphs
482 Henry Cohn, Abhinav Kumar, Christian Reiher, Achill Schürmann
Formal duality and generalizations of Poisson summation
[Download (603 KB)]
481 Alexei Davydov, Ingo Runkel
An alternative description of braided monoidal categories
480 Alexei Davydov, Liang Kong, Ingo Runkel
Functoriality of the center of an algebra
479 D.V. Alekseevsky, V. Cortés, M. Dyckmanns and T. Mohaupt
Quaternionic Kähler metrics associated with special Kähler manifolds
478 J. Carmesin, R. Diestel, M. Hamann, F. Hundertmark
Canonical tree-decompositions of finite graphs I. Existence and algorithms
[Download (696 KB)]
477 J. Carmesin, R. Diestel, M. Hamann, F. Hundertmark
Canonical tree-decompositions of finite graphs II. Essential parts
[Download (482 KB)]
476 J. Carmesin, R. Diestel, M. Hamann, F. Hundertmark
Forcing k-blocks in graphs by minimum and average degree conditions
[Download (575 KB)]
475 D. Conlon, W. T. Gowers, W. Samotij, M. Schacht
On the KŁR conjecture in random graphs
474 V. Rödl, M. Schacht
Extremal results in random graphs
473 S. Messuti, M. Schacht
On the structure of graphs with given odd girth and large minimum degree
[Download (353 KB)]
472 Alexander Barvels
Equivariant categories from categorical group actions on monoidal categories
470 Christian Reiher
The parity search problem
[Download (413 KB)]
469 Vicente Cortés, Malte Dyckmanns, David Lindemann
Classification of complete projective special real surfaces
468 Jürgen Fuchs, Carl Stigner, Christoph Schweigert
From non-semisimple Hopf algebras to correlation functions for logarithmic CFT
467 Birgit Richter, Stephanie Ziegenhagen
A spectral sequence for the homology of a finite algebraic delooping
466 Nathan Bowler, Johannes Carmesin
Infinite Matroids and Determinacy of Games
465 Alexei Davydov, Ingo Runkel
A braided monoidal category for symplectic fermions
464 Nathan Bowler, Johannes Carmesin
An excluded minors method for infinite matroids
463 Christian Reiher
Quickly Proving the Andrásfai-Erdös-Sós-Theorem
[Download (401 KB)]
462 Christian Reiher
The Clique Density Theorem
[Download (859 KB)]
461 Malte Müller
Connected tree-width
460 Livia Ferro, Tomasz Lukowski, Carlo Meneghelli, Jan Plefka, Matthias Staudacher
Harmonic R-matrices for Scattering Amplitudes and Spectral Regularization
459 Ralph M. Kaufmann, Benjamin C. Ward, J. Javier Zuniga
The odd origin of Gerstenhaber, BV and the master equation
458 Mark Gross, Bernd Siebert
Theta functions and mirror symmetry
457 Hadi Afzali, Nathan Bowler
Thin sums matroids and duality
456 Reinhard Diestel
Forcing finite minors in sparse infinite graphs by large-degree assumptions
[Download (400 KB)]
455 David Bücher, Ingo Runkel
Integrable perturbations of conformal field theories and Yetter-Drinfeld modules
454 J. Fjelstad, J. Fuchs, C. Schweigert, C. Stigner
Partition functions, mapping class groups and Drinfeld doubles
453 Nils Carqueville, Ingo Runkel
Orbifold completion of defect bicategories
452 Rosona Eldred
Goodwillie Calculus via Adjunction and LS Cocategory
451 Rosona Eldred
Cosimplicial models for the limit of the Goodwillie tower
450 Joel D. Hamkins, Benedikt Löwe
Moving up and down in the generic multiverse
449 Ralph M. Kaufmann, Sergei Khlebnikov and Birgit Wehefritz-Kaufmann
Singularities, swallowtails and Dirac points. An analysis for families of Hamiltonians and applications to wire networks, especially the Gyroid
448 Ingo Runkel
A braided monoidal category for free super-bosons
447 Jürgen Fuchs, Christoph Schweigert, Carl Stigner
Higher genus mapping class group invariants from factorizable Hopf algebras
446 Joel D. Hamkins, George Leibman, Benedikt Löwe
Structural connections between a forcing class and its modal logic
445 Andrew Baker, Birgit Richter
Some properties of the Thom spectrum over loop suspension of the infinite complex projective space
444 Rouven Frassek, Carlo Meneghelli
From Baxter Q-Operators to Local Charges
443 Ernst Kleinert
Multiplicative Types
[Download (290 KB)]
442 Alexei Davydov, Ingo Runkel
Z/2Z-extensions of Hopf algebra module categories by their base categories
441 Dmitri V. Alekseevsky, Vicente Cortés, Thomas Mohaupt
Conification of Kähler and hyper-Kähler manifolds
440 Marco Freibert
Cocalibrated G_2-structures on products of four- and three-dimensional Lie groups
439 Frank Pfäffle, Christoph A. Stephan
Chiral Asymmetry and the Spectral Action
438 Leo Esakia, Benedikt Löwe
Fatal Heyting Algebras and Forcing Persistent Sentences
437 Cédric Dégremont, Benedikt Löwe, Andreas Witzel
The synchronicity of dynamic epistemic logic
436 Johannes Carmesin, Nathan Bowler
Matroids with an infinite circuit-cocircuit intersection
435 Nathan Bowler, Johannes Carmesin
Matroid intersection, base packing and base covering for infinite matroids
434 Johannes Carmesin
A characterization of the locally finite networks admitting non-constant harmonic functions of finite energy
433 J. Fuchs, C. Schweigert, A. Valentino
Bicategories for boundary conditions and for surface defects in 3-d TFT
432 Reinhard Diestel
A simple existence criterion for normal spanning trees in infinite graphs
[Download (330 KB)]
431 Jürgen Fuchs, Christoph Schweigert, Carl Stigner
The Cardy-Cartan modular invariant
430 Ingo Runkel, Matthias R. Gaberdiel, Simon Wood
Logarithmic bulk and boundary conformal field theory and the full centre construction
429 Elad Aigner-Horev, Reinhard Diestel, Luke Postle
The structure of 2-separations of infinite matroids
[Download (731 KB)]
428 Ernst Kleinert
Über Addition und Multiplikation
[Download (220 KB)]
427 Oliver Goertsches, Augustin-Liviu Mare
Equivariant cohomology of cohomogeneity one actions
426 E. Aigner-Horev, H. Hàn, M. Schacht
Extremal results for odd cycles in sparse pseudorandom graphs
[Download (448 KB)]
425 Thomas Nikolaus, Christoph Schweigert
Bicategories in field theories - an invitation
424 V. Cortés, J. Louis, P. Smyth, H. Triendl
On certain Kähler quotients of quaternionic Kähler manifolds
423 Karl-Hermann Neeb, Friedrich Wagemann, Christoph Wockel
Making lifting obstructions explicit
422 Martin Fuchssteiner, Christoph Wockel
Topological group cohomology with loop contractible coefficients
421 Friedrich Wagemann, Christoph Wockel
A cocycle model for topological and lie group cohomology
420 M. Freibert, F. Schulte-Hengesbach
Half-flat structures on indecomposable Lie groups
419 V. Rödl, M. Schacht
Complete partite subgraphs in dense hypergraphs
[Download (378 KB)]
418 E. Aigner-Horev, J. Carmesin, J. Fröhlich
On the intersection of infinite matroids
417 E. Aigner-Horev, J. Carmesin, J. Fröhlich
Infinite matroid union
416 Marco Freibert
Cocalibrated structures on Lie algebras with a codimension one Abelian ideal
415 Jennifer Maier, Thomas Nikolaus, Christoph Schweigert
Strictification of weakly equivariant Hopf algebras
414 Agelos Georgakopoulos, Matthias Hamann
On fixing boundary points of transitive hyperbolic graphs
413 Matthias Hamann
On the tree-likeness of hyperbolic spaces
412 Y. Kohayakawa, M. Schacht, R. Spöhel
Upper bounds on probability thresholds for asymmetric Ramsey properties
[Download (432 KB)]
411 D. Dellamonica Jr., P. Haxell, T. Łuczak, D. Mubayi, B. Nagle, Y. Person, V. Rödl, M. Schacht, J. Verstraëte
On even-degree subgraphs of linear hypergraphs
[Download (375 KB)]
410 Reinhard Diestel, Julian Pott
Dual trees must share their ends
[Download (605 KB)]
409 Janko Latschev, Chris Wendl
Algebraic torsion in contact manifolds
408 J. Fuchs, C. Schweigert, and C. Stigner
Modular invariant Frobenius algebras from ribbon Hopf algebra automorphisms
407 Alexei Davydov, Liang Kong, Ingo Runkel
Field theories with defects and the centre functor
406 J. Carmesin, R. Diestel, F. Hundertmark, M. Stein
Connectivity and tree structure in finite graphs
[Download (734 KB)]
405 Thomas Nikolaus, Christoph Sachse, and Christoph Wockel
A Smooth Model for the String Group
404 Thomas Andreae
Classes of Locally Finite Ubiquitous Graphs
[Download (243 KB)]
403 Thomas Nikolaus, Konrad Waldorf
Four Equivalent Versions of Non-Abelian Gerbes
402 Jennifer Maier, Thomas Nikolaus, Christoph Schweigert
Equivariant Modular Categories via Dijkgraaf-Witten Theory
401 Mark Gross, Bernd Siebert
Logarithmic Gromov-Witten invariants
400 V. Cortés, T. Mohaupt and H. Xu
Completeness in supergravity constructions
399 Matthias Hamann
The classification of finite and locally finite connected-homogeneous digraphs
398 Winston J. Fairbairn, Catherine Meusburger
Quantum deformation of two four-dimensional spin foam models
397 Matthias Ihl, Christoph Sachse, Christian Sämann
Fuzzy Scalar Field Theory as Matrix Quantum Mechanics
396 E. Buß, H. Hàn, M. Schacht
Minimum vertex degree conditions for loose Hamilton cycles in 3-uniform hypergraphs
[Download (491 KB)]
395 D. Dellamonica Jr., P. Haxell, T. Łuczak, D. Mubayi, B. Nagle, Y. Person, V. Rödl, M. Schacht
Tree-minimal graphs are almost regular
[Download (404 KB)]
394 Marco Freibert , Fabian Schulte-Hengesbach
Half-flat structures on decomposable Lie groups
393 Catherine Meusburger, Torsten Schönfeld
Gauge fixing in (2+1)-gravity: Dirac bracket and spacetime geometry
392 Eric Hoffbeck
Obstruction theory for algebras over an operad
391 Bas Janssens, Christoph Wockel
Universal Central Extensions of Gauge Groups
390 Wen-ling Huang
Bounded distance preserving surjections in the projective geometry of matrices
[Download (173 KB)]
389 Frank Reidegeld
Exceptional holonomy based on the Hitchin flow on complex line bundles
388 Ernst Kleinert
Platons ungeschriebene Lehre und die Mathematik von heute
[Download (217 KB)]
387 Matthias R. Gaberdiel, Ingo Runkel, Simon Wood
A modular invariant bulk theory for the c=0 triplet model
386 Henning Bruhn, Paul Wollan
Finite connectivity in infinite matroids
385 Henning Bruhn, Reinhard Diestel
Infinite matroids in graphs
384 Jürgen Fuchs, Christoph Schweigert, Carl Stigner
The classifying algebra for defects
383 Nils Carqueville, Ingo Runkel
Rigidity and defect actions in Landau-Ginzburg models
382 Till Barmeier
Permutation Modular Invariants from Modular Functors
381 Andrew Baker, Birgit Richter
Brauer groups for commutative S-algebras
379 Andrew Baker, Birgit Richter
Some properties of Lubin-Tate cohomology for classifying spaces of finite groups
378 Ernst Kleinert
Über Innen und Außen: philosophisch-mathematische Streifzüge
[Download (366 KB)]
377 Matthias Hamann
End-transitive graphs
376 Matthias Hamann und Fabian Hundertmark
A classification of connected-homogeneous digraphs
375 Frank Reidegeld
Exceptional holonomy and Einstein metrics constructed from Aloff-Wallach spaces
374 Alexei Davydov, Liang Kong, Ingo Runkel
Invertible defects and isomorphisms of rational CFTs
373 Thomas Nikolaus and Christoph Schweigert
Equivariance In Higher Geometry
372 Jürgen Fuchs, Christoph Schweigert
Hopf algebras and finite tensor categories in conformal field theory
371 Ingo Runkel
Non-local conserved charges from defects in perturbed conformal field theory
370 Henning Bruhn, Reinhard Diestel, Matthias Kriesell, Paul Wollan
Axioms for infinite matroids
369 Reinhard Diestel, Ken-ichi Kawarabayashi, Paul Wollan
The Erdös-Pósa property for clique minors in highly connected graphs
368 Yoshiharu Kohayakawa, Vojtech Rödl, Mathias Schacht, Jozef Skokan
On the triangle removal lemma for subgraphs of sparse pseudorandom graphs
[Download (460 KB)]
367 Till Barmeier and Christoph Schweigert
A Geometric Construction for Permutation Equivariant Categories from Modular Functors
366 Christoph Schweigert and Jürgen Fuchs
Hopf algebras and Frobenius algebras in finite tensor categories
365 Krzysztof Gawedzki, Rafal R. Suszek, Konrad Waldorf
Global gauge anomalies in two-dimensional bosonic sigma models
364 Thomas Nikolaus
Algebraic models for higher categories
363 Jennifer Maier and Christoph Schweigert
Modular categories from finite crossed modules
362 Hanno Lefmann, Yury Person, Mathias Schacht
A structural result for hypergraphs with many restricted edge colorings
[Download (484 KB)]
361 Rafal R. Suszek
Defects, dualities and the geometry of strings via gerbes. II: Generalised geometries with a twist
360 Rafal R. Suszek
Defects, dualities and the geometry of strings via gerbes. I: Dualities and state fusion through defects
359 Fabian Schulte-Hengesbach
Half-flat structures on products of three-dimensional Lie groups
358 Lars Schäfer, Fabian Schulte-Hengesbach
Nearly pseudo-Kähler and nearly para-Kähler six-manifolds
357 Matthias Hamann and Julian Pott
Transitivity conditions in infinite graphs
356 Matthias Hamann
Spanning trees in hyperbolic graphs
355 Reinhard Diestel and Philipp Sprüssel
On the homology of locally compact spaces with ends
354 E. Friedgut, V. Rödl, M. Schacht
Ramsey properties of random discrete structures
[Download (487 KB)]
353 M. Schacht
Extremal results for random discrete structures
[Download (475 KB)]
352 R. Diestel, K. Kawarabayashi, T. Müller, P. Wollan
On the excluded minor structure theorem for graphs of large treewidth
351 Julian Pott
The self-minor conjecture for infinite trees
[Download (300 KB)]
350 A. Bonato, H. Bruhn, R. Diestel, P. Sprüssel
Twins of rayless graphs
[Download (120 KB)]
349 Jürgen Fuchs, Ingo Runkel and Christoph Schweigert
Twenty-five years of two-dimensional rational conformal field theory
348 Jürg Fröhlich, Jürgen Fuchs, Ingo Runkel, Christoph Schweigert
Defect lines, dualities, and generalised orbifolds
347 Frank Reidegeld
Special cohomogeneity one metrics with Q^111 or M^110 as principal orbit
346 Vicente Cortés and Lars Schäfer
Geometric structures on Lie groups with flat bi-invariant metric
345 Gor Sarkissian
Canonical quantization of the WZW model with defects and Chern-Simons theory
344 Hans-Jürgen Bandelt, Victor Chepoi, David Eppstein
Combinatorics and geometry of finite and infinite squaregraphs
343 Agelos Georgakopoulos
Lamplighter graphs do not admit harmonic functions of finite energy
342 Agelos Georgakopoulos
Uniqueness of electrical currents in a network of finite total resistance
341 Matt DeVos, Agelos Georgakopoulos, Bojan Mohar, Robert Šámal
An Eberhard-like theorem for pentagons and heptagons
340 Reinhard Diestel
Locally finite graphs with ends: a topological approach
[Download (1091 KB)]
339 V. Cortés, T. Leistner, L. Schäfer, F. Schulte-Hengesbach
Half-flat Structures and Special Holonomy
338 Muriel Livernet, Birgit Richter
An interpretation of E_n-homology as functor homology
337 J.-O. Fröhlich, T. Müller
Linear Connectivity Forces Large Complete Bipartite Minors: the Patch for the Large Tree-Width Case
[Download (168 KB)]
336 Jurgen Fuchs, Christoph Schweigert, Carl Stigner
The three-dimensional origin of the classifying algebra
335 V. Cortés and T. Mohaupt
Special Geometry of Euclidean Supersymmetry III: the local r-map, instantons and black holes
334 Ernst Kleinert
Mathematik und Determinismus
[Download (204 KB)]
333 Arthur W. Apter, Stephen C. Jackson, Benedikt Löwe
Cofinality and Measurability of the First Three Uncountable Cardinals
332 T. Leistner and P. Nurowski
Conformal structures with $G_{2(2)}$-ambient metrics
331 Daisuke Ikegami, David de Kloet, Benedikt Löwe
The Axiom of Real Blackwell Determinacy
330 Gor Sarkissian
Defects and permutation branes in the Liouville field theory
329 Jörg Brendle, Benedikt Löwe
Eventually Different Functions and Inaccessible Cardinals
328 Henning Bruhn, Reinhard Diestel, Agelos Georgakopoulos, Philipp Sprüssel
Every rayless graph has an unfriendly partition
327 Agelos Georgakopoulos
Graph topologies induced by edge lengths
326 D.V. Alekseevsky and V. Cortés
On pseudo-Riemannian manifolds with many Killing spinors
325 Frank Reidegeld
Spaces admitting homogeneous G2-structures
324 Mark Gross, Rahul Pandharipande, Bernd Siebert
The tropical vertex
323 Jürgen Fuchs, Thomas Nikolaus, Christoph Schweigert, Konrad Waldorf
Bundle Gerbes and Surface Holonomy
322 Birgit Richter
Divided power structures and chain complexes
321 D.V. Alekseevsky and V. Cortés
Geometric construction of the r-map: from affine special real to special Kähler manifolds
320 Till Barmeier, Jurgen Fuchs, Ingo Runkel, Christoph Schweigert
Module categories for permutation modular invariants
319 Thomas Leistner, Pawel Nurowski
Ambient metrics for $n$-dimensional $pp$-waves
318 Gor Sarkissian, Christoph Schweigert
Some remarks on defects and T-duality
317 Urs Schreiber
AQFT from n-functorial QFT
316 Ernst Kleinert
Mathematik und Psychoanalyse: Versuche einer Annäherung / Frege und Freud über die Verneinung
[Download (331 KB)]
315 Urs Schreiber and Konrad Waldorf
Connections on non-abelian Gerbes and their Holonomy
314 Matthias Kriesell
Edge disjoint Steiner trees in graphs without large bridges
[Download (178 KB)]
313 Matthias Kriesell
Packing Steiner Trees on Four Terminals
[Download (173 KB)]
312 Antonio J. Di Scala and Thomas Leistner
Connected subgroups of SO(2,n) acting irreducibly on $\R^{2,n}$
311 Hisham Sati, Urs Schreiber, Jim Stasheff
Fivebrane Structures
310 Tikitu de Jager and Benedikt Löwe
Nonmonotone Game Labellings
308 Konrad Waldorf
Multiplicative Bundle Gerbes with Connection
307 Rolf Berndt
Round about Theta. Part I Prehistory
[Download (296 KB)]
306 Birgit Richter
An involution on the K-theory of bimonoidal categories with anti-involution
305 R. Diestel, P. Sprüssel
The fundamental group of locally finite graphs with ends
304 V. Cortés, L. Schäfer
Differential geometric aspects of the tt*-equations
303 Ken-ichi Kawarabayashi, Orlando Lee, Bruce Reed, Paul Wollan
A Weaker Version of Lovász' Removable Paths Conjecture
[Download (191 KB)]
302 Paul Wollan
Extremal Functions for Rooted Minors
[Download (263 KB)]
301 Robin Thomas, Paul Wollan
The Extremal Function for 3-linked Graphs
[Download (317 KB)]
300 Paul Wollan
Packing Non-zero A-paths in an Undirected Model of Group Labeled Graphs
[Download (206 KB)]
299 Paul Wollan
Bridges in Highly Connected Graphs
[Download (185 KB)]
298 Henning Bruhn, Reinhard Diestel
Embedding graphs in surfaces: MacLane's theorem for higher genus
[Download (507 KB)]
297 Urs Schreiber, Konrad Waldorf
Smooth Functors vs. Differential Forms
296 John C. Baez, Danny Stevenson
The Classifying Space of a Topological 2-Group
295 Hisham Sati, Urs Schreiber, Jim Stasheff
L-infinity algebra connections and applications to String- and Chern-Simons n-transport
294 Till Barmeier, Jürgen Fuchs, Ingo Runkel, Christoph Schweigert
On the Rosenberg-Zelinsky sequence in abelian monoidal categories
293 Henning Bruhn and Maya Stein
Duality of ends
292 Henning Bruhn, Stefanie Kosuch and Melanie Win Myint
Bicycles and left-right tours in locally finite graphs
291 Ron Aharoni, Eli Berger, Agelos Georgakopoulos, Amitai Perlstein, Philipp Sprüssel
The Max-Flow Min-Cut Theorem for Countable Networks
290 Agelos Georgakopoulos
Topological circles and Euler tours in locally finite graphs
289 D.V. Alekseevsky, V. Cortés, A.S. Galaev, T. Leistner
Cones over pseudo-Riemannian manifolds and their holonomy
288 V. Cortés
The special geometry of Euclidian supersymmetry: a survey
287 V. Cortés
An introduction to supersymmetry
286 V. Cortés, L. Schäfer
Flat nearly Kähler manifolds
285 O. Baues, V. Cortés
Aspherical Kähler Manifolds with solvable fundamental group
284 D.V. Alekseevsky, V. Cortés
The twistor spaces of a para-quaternionic Kähler manifold
283 V. Cortés, M.-A. Lawn, L. Schäfer
Affine hyperspheres associated to special para-Kähler manifolds
282 Matthias Kriesell
Degree Sequences and Edge Connectivity
281 Andrew Baker and Birgit Richter
Galois extensions of Lubin-Tate spectra
280 Christoph Schweigert and Konrad Waldorf
Gerbes and Lie Groups
278 R. Aharoni, A. Georgakopoulos, P. Sprüssel
Perfect matchings in r-partite r-graphs
277 R. Diestel and P. Sprüssel
On the homology of locally finite graphs
276 Christoph Schweigert, Efrossini Tsouchnika
Kramers-Wannier dualities for WZW theories and minimal models
274 Ernst Kleinert
Mathematik, Schrift und Kalkül
273 Nils Baas, Bjørn Ian Dundas, Birgit Richter, John Rognes
Two-vector-bundles define a form of elliptic cohomology theory
272 K. Ando, Y. Egawa, K. Kawarabayashi, M. Kriesell
On the number of 4-contractible edges in 4-connected graphs
271 Jürgen Fuchs, Matthias R. Gaberdiel, Ingo Runkel, Christoph Schweigert
Topological defects for the free boson CFT
270 Ernst Kleinert
On the Restriction and Corestriction of Algebras over Number Fields
269 Urs Schreiber und Konrad Waldorf
Parallel Transport and Functors
268 Jürgen Fuchs, Christoph Schweigert, Konrad Waldorf
Bi-branes: Target Space Geometry for World Sheet topological Defects
267 Andreas Blass, Ioanna M. Dimitriou, Benedikt Löwe
Inaccessible cardinals without the axiom of choice
266 Konrad Waldorf
More Morphisms Between Bundle Gerbes
265 Krzysztof Gawedzki, Rafal R. Suszek, Konrad Waldorf
WZW Orientifolds and finite Group Cohomology
264 Angelos Georgakopoulus
A Short Proof of Fleischner's Theorem
263 Angelos Georgakopoulus and Philipp Sprüssel
Geodetic topological cycles in locally finite graphs
262 A. Bernáth, H. Bruhn
Degree constrained orientations in countable graphs
261 J. Fuchs, I. Runkel, C. Schweigert
The fusion algebra of bimodule categories
260 J. Fjelstad, J. Fuchs, I. Runkel, C. Schweigert
Uniqueness of open/closed rational CFT with given algebra of open states
259 Bernhard Krön, Rögnvaldur G. Möller
Analogues of Cayley graphs for topological groups
258 H. Bruhn, A. Georgakopoulos
Bases and closed spaces with infinite sums
257 Bernhard Kroen
Infinite faces and ends of almost transitive plane graphs
256 Ernst Kleinert
Von Zahlen und Figuren
255 Jürg Fröhlich, Jürgen Fuchs, Ingo Runkel, Christoph Schweigert
Duality and defects in rational conformal field theory
254 Matthias Kriesell
Vertex suppression in 3-connected graphs
253 Lutz Hille, S. M. Goodwin
Prehomogeneous Spaces for Borel Subgroups of General Linear Groups
252 Lutz Hille, Markus Perling
A Counterexample to King's Conjecture
251 H. Bruhn, R. Diestel
MacLane's theorem for arbitrary surfaces
250 Andrew Baker, Birgit Richter
Quasisymmetric functions from a topological point of view
249 Angelos Georgakopoulos
Infinite Hamilton Cycles in Squares of Locally Finite Graphs
248 Kostia I. Beidar, Wen-Fong Ke, Hubert Kiechle
Automorphisms of a Certain Design Groups II
247 Ernst Kleinert
Was bedeutet logisches Gelten?
246 Ernst Kleinert
Das kategoriale System und der Ort der Mathematik
245 Benedikt Löwe
Space bounds for infinitary computation
244 Matthias Kriesell
A constructive characterization of the 3-connected triangle free graphs
243 Matthias Kriesell
On small contractible subgraphs in 3-connected graphs of small average degree
242 Matthias Kriesell
On the number of contractible triples in 3-connected graphs
241 Benedikt Löwe
Set Theory of Infinite Imperfect Information Games
240 Benedikt Löwe, Brian T. Semmes
The extent of constructive labellings
239 Steve Jackson, Benedikt Löwe
Canonical measure assignments
238 Benedikt Löwe
Extensions of the Axiom of Blackwell Determinacy
237 Joel D. Hamkins, Benedikt Löwe
The Modal Logic of Forcing
236 Stefan Bold, Benedikt Löwe
A Simple Inductive Measure Analysis for Cardinals under the Axiom of Determinacy
235 Wen-ling Huang
Adjacency preserving mappings of $2\times 2$-Hermitian Matrices
234 Andrew Baker, Birgit Richter
On the cooperation algebra of the connective Adams summand
233 Andrew Baker, Birgit Richter
Uniqueness of $E_\infty$ structures for connective covers
232 Birgit Richter
The collapse of the periodicity sequence in the stable range
231 I. Runkel, J. Fuchs, C. Schweigert
Twining characters and Picard groups in rational conformal field theory
230 I. Runkel, J. Fuchs, C. Schweigert
Categorification and correlation functions in conformal field theory
229 Ernst Kleinert
Drei Studien zur Struktur der Mathematik
228 Urs Schreiber, Christoph Schweigert, Konrad Waldorf
Unoriented WZW Models and Holonomy of Bundle Gerbes
227 Philipp Sprüssel
End spaces of graphs are normal
226 Maya Stein
Forcing highly connected subgraphs in locally finite graphs
225 I. Runkel, J. Fuchs, J. Fjelstad, C. Schweigert
Topological and conformal field theory as Frobenius algebras
224 T. Gannon
The algebraic meaning of genus-zero
223 P. Bantay, T. Gannon
Conformal characters and the modular representation
222 Jürgen Fuchs, Ingo Runkel, Christoph Schweigert
Ribbon categories and (unoriented) CFT: Frobenius algebras, automorphisms, reversions
221 Birgit Richter
Homotopy algebras and the inverse of the normalization functor
220 Andrew Baker, Birgit Richter
Gamma-cohomology of rings of numerical polynomials and infinity structures on K-theory
219 Birgit Richter
A lower bound for coherences on the Brown-Peterson spectrum
218 Angelos Georgakopoulos
Infinite Highly Connected Planar Graphs of Large Girth
217 Lutz Hille, Hamburg
Exceptional Sequences of Line Bundles on Toric Varieties
216 M. Van den Bergh, L. Hille
Fourier-Mukai Transforms
215 Lutz Hille, Hamburg
Irreducible Components, Nilpotent Classes, and the Auslander Algebra of k[T]/T^n
214 D. Vossieck, L. Hille
The Quasi-hereditary Algebra Associated to the Radical Bimodule over a Hereditary Algebra
213 D. Vossieck, L. Hille
Partial Flags and Parabolic Group Actions
212 Angelos Georgakopoulos
Connected but not path-connected subspaces of infinite graphs
211 Jens Fjelstad, Jurgen Fuchs, Ingo Runkel, Christoph Schweigert
TFT construction of RCFT correlators V: Proof of modular invariance and factorisation
210 H. Bruhn, R. Diestel, M. Stein
Menger's theorem for infinite graphs with ends
209 Jürgen Fuchs, Ingo Runkel, Christoph Schweigert
TFT construction of RCFT correlators IV: Structure constants and correlation functions
204 Reinhard Diestel, Hamburg
End spaces and spanning trees
203 Jürg Fröhlich, Jürgen Fuchs, Ingo Runkel, Christoph Schweigert
Picard groups in rational conformal field theory
202 Maya Stein, Henning Bruhn, Hamburg
On end degrees and infinite cycles in locally finite graphs
201 Ernst Kleinert, Hamburg
On the Reducibility of Relations: Variations on a Theme of Peirce
200 Ernst Kleinert, Hamburg
Combinatorics of Quantifiers
199 Ernst Kleinert, Hamburg
Categories in Philosophy and Mathematics
198 Maya Stein, Hamburg
Arboriticity and tree-packing in locally finite graphs
196 Rolf Berndt
Another Remark on the Mysterious Theta Function
195 J. Fröhlich, J. Fuchs, I. Runkel, C. Schweigert
Algebras in tensor categories and coset conformal field theories.
194 J. Fröhlich, J. Fuchs, I. Runkel, C. Schweigert
Kramers-Wannier duality from conformal defects
193 Reinhard Diestel
A short proof on Halin's grid theorem
192 H.Bruhn, R.Diestel
Duality in infinite graphs
191 Jürgen Fuchs, Ingo Runkel, Christoph Schweigert
TFT construction of RCFT correlators III: simple currents
190 Thomas Andreae, Hamburg
Reconstructing the Number of Blocks of an Infinite Graph
189 Thomas Andreae, Hamburg
On Self-Immersions of Infinite Graphs
188 H.J. Bandelt, V. Chepoi
The algebra of metric betweenness I: Subdirect representations, retractions, and equational characterization of weakly median graphs
187 Ernst Kleinert, Hamburg
Mathematik für Philosophen
186 Rolf Berndt
Marsden-Weinstein Reduction and Representations of the Jacobi Group
185 R.Diestel, I.Leader, A.Scott, St.Thomasse
Partitions and orientations of the Rado graph
184 H.Bruhn, R.Diestel, M.Stein
Cycle-Cocycle partitions and faithful cycle covers of locally finite graphs
183 D. Kühn, D. Osthus
Forcing unbalanced complete bipartite minors
182 Christian Bär, Mattias Dahl
The first Dirac eigenvalues on manifolds with positive scalar curvature
181 D. Osthus, D. Kühn
Extremal connectivity for topological cliques in bipartite graphs
180 Jörn Quistorff
Extremale Mengen in endlichen metrischen Räumen - ein grundlegender Überblick
179 Jürg Fröhlich, Jürgen Fuchs, Ingo Runkel, Christoph Schweigert
Correspondences of ribbon categories
178 Christian Bär, Paul Gauduchon, Andrei Moroianu
Generalized Cylinders in Semi-Riemannian and Spin Geometry
177 Jürgen Fuchs, Ingo Runkel, Christoph Schweigert
TFT Construction of RCFT Correlators II: Unoriented World Sheets
176 Ernst Kleinert
Gedanken über Linearität
175 Bernd Ammann
The smallest Dirac eigenvalue in a spin-conformal class and cmc-immersions
174 Bernd Ammann, C. Sproud
Manifolds with small Dirac eigenvalues are nilmanifolds
173 Bernd Ammann, Emmanuel Humbert
Positive mass theorem for the Yamabe problem on spin manifold
171 D. Kühn, D. Osthus
Spanning triangulations in graphs
170 Bernd Ammann, Robert Lauter, Victor Nistor
Pseudodifferential operators on manifolds with a Lie structure
169 Amin Coja-Oghlan
The Lovasz Number of Random Graphs
168 Bernd Ammann, Robert Lauter, Victor Nistor, Andras Vasy
Complex powers and non-compact manifolds
166 R.Diestel, C.Thomassen
A Cantor-Bernstein theorem for paths in graphs
165 Reinhard Diestel
The Erdös-Menger Conjecture for source/sink sets with disjoint closures
164 Henning Bruhn, Maya Stein
MacLane's planarity criterion for locally finite graphs
163 D. Kühn, D. Osthus, A. Taraz
Large planar graphs in dense graphs
162 D. Kühn, D. Osthus
Packings in dense regular graphs
161 A. Kreuzer, A. Nourou
A Characterization of Bol left loops
160 Amin Coja-Oghlan
Finding Large Independent Sets in Polynomial Expected Time
158 H. Bruhn, R. Diestel, M. Stein
The Erdös-Menger conjecture with ends
157 Christian Bär, Sergiu Moroianu
Heat Kernel Asymptotics for Roots of Generalized Laplacians
156 D. Kühn, D. Osthus
4-cycles in graphs without a forbidden even cycle
155 Loic Buffard
Laplace and Dirac operators on non-compact manifolds
153 R. Diestel
The Cycle Space of an Infinite Graph
152 S. Brandt, H. Broersma, R. Diestel, M. Kriesell
Global Connectivity and Expansions:Long Cycles and Factors in f-connected Graphs
151 R. Diestel
The countable Erdös-Menger conjecture with ends
150 M. Stein
Die Erdös-Menger Vermutung für abzählbare Graphen mit
diskretem Endenraum [PDF-File]
149 Christian Bär, Mattias Dahl
Small Eigenvalues on the Conformal Laplacian
148 Amin Coja-Oghlan
On NP-hard Semi-Random Graph Problems
147 R. Diestel, O. Pikhurko
On the cofinality of infinite partially ordered sets: factorizing
a poset into lean essential subsets [PDF-File]
146 Bernd Ammann, Robert Lauter, Victor Nistor
On the Geometry of Riemannian Manifolds with a Lie Structure at Infinity
145 Bernd Ammann
Ambient Dirac eigenvalue estimates and the Willmore functional
144 Daniela Kühn, D. Osthus
Large topological cliques in graphs without a 4-cycle
143 Christian Bär, Sven Schopka
The Dirac Determinant of Spherical Space Forms
142 Ernst Kleinert
Über Assoziativität und Kommutativität
141 Amin Coja-Oghlan
Zum Färben k-färbbarer semizufälliger Graphen in erwarteter
Polynomzeit mittels Semidefiniter Programmierung
140 Daniela Kühn, Deryk Osthus
Complete Minors in K_s,s-free graphs
139 Patrick D. Baier
An Index Theorem For Open Manifolds Whose Ends Are Warped Products
138 Walter Benz
Möbius Sphere Geometry in Inner Product Spaces
137 Ernst Kleinert
Beiträge zu einer Philosophie der Mathematik
136 Rolf Berndt
Kähler differentials and some Applications
135 Daniela Kühn, Deryk Osthus
Subdivisions of $K_{r+2}$ in graphs of average degree at least $r+\epsilon$ and large but constant
girth [PDF-File]
134 Daniela Kühn, Deryk Osthus
Minors in graphs of large girth
133 Alexander Kreuzer, Eberhard Schröder
Zur physikalischen Spiegelung am Kreis
132 Reinhard Freitag, Alexander Kreuzer
Linear spaces with many projective planes
131 H. Kiechle, G. P. Nagy
On the extension of involutorial Bol loops
130 Daniela Kühn
Graphs not containing a given tree have almost linear Ramsey numbers
129 Daniela Kühn, Deryk Osthus
Topological Minors in Graphs of large Girth
128 Sergiu Moroianu
Adiabatic Limits of Eta and Zeta Functions of Elliptic Operators
127 Reinhard Diestel, Daniela Kühn
Graph-theoretical versus topological ends of graphs
126 H. Bruhn
Generating cycles in graphs with at most one end
125 H. Bruhn
Generating the cycle spaces of a locally finite graph:
a generalization of Tutte's theorem [PostScript-File]
124 E.G.M. Esteva, T.R. Jensen
On semiextensions and circuit double covers
123 T.R. Jensen
Application of linear matroids to graph colorability
122 T.R. Jensen
Dense critical and vertex-critical graphs
121 Reinhard Diestel, Daniela Kühn
Topological paths, cycles and spanning trees in infinite graphs
120 Reinhard Diestel, Christof Rempel
Dense minors in graphs of large girth
119 Reinhard Diestel
Two short proofs concerning tree-decompositions
118 Bernd Ammann, Christian Bär
Dirac eigenvalue estimates on surfaces
117 Daniela Kühn, Deryk Osthus
Partitions of graphs with high minimum degree or connectivity
116 Reinhard Diestel
Relating subsets of a poset, and a partition theorem for WQOs
115 Reinhard Diestel and Daniela Kühn
Graph minor hierachies & Decomposition duality
114 Thomas Andreae
On Immersions of Uncountable Graphs
113 Jörg Feldvoss
Über Potenzsummenpolynome
112 Daniela Kühn, Deryk Osthus
Induced cycles in $K_{s,s}$-free graphs of large average degree
111 Daniela Kühn, Deryk Osthus
Induced subdivisions in $K_{s,s}$-free graphs of large average degree
110 Daniela Kühn, Deryk Osthus
Every graph graph of sufficiently large average degree contains a $C_4$-free subgraph of large average degree
109 Daniela Kühn
Forcing a $K_r$ minor by high external connectivity
108 Christian Bär, Mattias Dahl
Surgery and the Spectrum of the Dirac Operator
107 Reinhard Diestel and D.Kühn
On infinite cycles II
106 Reinhard Diestel and D.Kühn
On infinite cycles I
105 Reinhard Diestel and I.Leader
Normal spanning trees, Aronszajn trees and excluded minors
104 Reinhard Diestel
An accessibility theorem for infinite graph minors
103 Reinhard Diestel and I.Leader
A conjecture concerning a limit of non-Cayley graphs
102 Reinhard Diestel and R.Thomas
Excluding a countable clique
101 Reinhard Diestel and D.Kühn
A universal planar graph under the minor relation
100 Reinhard Diestel, K.Yu. Gorbunov, T.R. Jensen and C. Thomassen
Highly connected sets and the excluded grid theorem
99 H. Krämer
Binary Moore-Penrose Inverses of Set Inclusion Incidence Matrices
98 Jörg Feldvoss
Existence of Solutions of the Classical Yang-Baxter Equation for a Real Lie Algebra
97 Rolf Berndt
Leben und Werk von Erich Kähler
96 Bernd Ammann
A spin-conformal lower bound of the first positive Dirac eigenvalue
95 Bernd Ammann
Spectral estimates on 2-tori
94 Oswald Riemenschneider
On the two-dimensional McKay correspondence
93 Christian Bär
Dependence on the spin structure of the Dirac spectrum
91 Rolf Berndt, Ralf Schmidt
Local Maass - Lifts
90 Rolf Berndt
Report on work by Oda and his school on several types of spherical functions for Sp(2,R)
89 H. Strade
The Classification of the Simple Lie Algebras over Fields with Positive Characteristic
88 C. Bär, A. Strohmaier
Semi-Bounded Restrictions of Dirac Type Operators and the Unique Continuation Property
87 O. Riemenschneider
37 elementare axiomatische Charakterisierungen des reellen Zahlkörpers
86 E. Kleinert
Mathematische Modelle des Kontinuums (Vorlesungen 1999/2000)
85 W. Benz
Mappings Preserving two Hperbolic Distances
84 H. Kiechle
Frobenius Groups with many Involutions
83 F. Pfäffle
The Dirac Spectrum of Bieberbach Manifolds
82 T. Andreae
On Disjoint Configurations in Infinite Graphs
81 J. Feldvoss
On the Number of Simple Modules of a Supersolvable Restricted Lie Algebra
80 J. Feldvoss
Projective Modules and Blocks of Supersolvable Restricted Lie Algebras
79 J. Feldvoss
Representations of Lie Colour Algebras
78 A. Kreuzer, C.J. Maxson
Forcing Linearity Numbers for Injective Modules over PID's
77 E. Prisner
A Journey through Intersection Graph Country
76 E. Garbrieli, B. Im, H. Karzel
Webs Related to K-Loops and Reflection Structures
75 C. Knütel
Topologische und analytische K-Theorie
74 T. Andreae
On the Traveling Salesman Problem Restricted to Inputs Satisfying a Relaxed Triangle Inequality
73 H. Krämer
Magische Dreiecke, endliche Gruppen und Kombinatorik
72 P. Slodowy
The early development of the representation theory of semisimple Lie groups
71 E. Begemann
Vollständige Divisoren und die Struktur der Gruppe universeller Normen
70 W. Freese
Einige unitäre Darstellungen der Viraso-Algebra
69 R. Halin
The Structure of Rayless Graphs
68 U. Leimich, K. Reuter
The Fractional Dimension of Subsets of Boolean Lattices and Cartesian Products
67 G.W. Schuster
A Minimum Degree Result for Disjoint Cycles and Forests in Graphs
66 S. Böcker
Embedding Complete Binary Trees Into the Star Graph with Dilation $1$
65 T. Andreae, F. Hartenstein, A. Wolter
A Two-person Game on Graphs where Each Player Tries to Encycle his Opponent's Men
64 H. Krämer
Eigenraumzerlegung von symmetrischen Inzidenzabbildungen
63 R. Berndt, R. Schmidt
Elements of the Representation Theory of the Jacobi Group
62 E. Kleinert
Arithmetische Gruppen: Eine Einladung
61 S. Felsner, K. Reuter
The Linear-extension.diameter of a Poset
60 H. Krämer
Inversion von Inzidenzabbildungen
59 R. Höfer
On Sphere, Cycle and Ball Geometries and Robertson-Walker-Spacetimes
58 R. Berndt
Einführung in die Symplektische Geometrie
57 K. Reuter
The Comparability Graph and the Graph of Linear Extensions of a Poset
56 K. Reuter
Linear Extensions of a Poset as Abstract Convex Sets
55 T. Andreae, M. Hintz
On Hypercubes in de Bruijn Graphs
54 M. Hintz
On $2$-dimensional Grids in de Bruijn Graphs of Diameter $2$
53 O. Bröcker
Weak Theorems of Miquelian Type in Laguerre Planes
52 E. Prisner
Generalized Octahedra and Cliques in Intersection Graphs
51 E. Prisner
Centers of Special Graphs
50 T. Andreae
On the Clique-transversal Number of Chordal Graphs
49 E. Kleinert
Units in Skew Fields
48 R. Höfer
Hyperbolische Kollineationen und surjektive Abbildungen des hyperbolischen Raumes, die kollineare erhalten
47 R. Höfer
$m$-Punkt-Invarianten einiger reeller Geometrien
46 W.L. Huang
Nullinienerhaltende Bijektionen des Schwarzschildraumes
45 P. Slodowy
Algebraic Groups and Resolutions of Kleinian Singularities
44 M. Hintz
On Proportion Polynomials
43 M. Hintz
Ladders in de Bruijn Graphs
42 J. Mitas, K. Reuter
Subgraphs of Hypercubes and Subdiagrams of Boolean Lattices
41 J. Mitas, K. Reuter
Cover-preserving Embeddings of Bipartite Orders into Boolean Lattices
40 T. Andreae et al.
Cartesian Products of Graphs as Subgraphs of de Bruijn Graphs of Dimension at Least three
39 T. Andreae et al.
On Embedding $2$-dimensional Toroidal Grids into de Bruijn Graphs with Clocked Congestion one
38 M. Schottenloher
Eine mathematische Einfürung in die konforme Feldtheorie
37 R. Berndt, J. Homrighausen
On the Adelic Jacobi Group of Degree $1$
36 E. Prisner
Line Graphs and Generalizations - a Survey
35 R. Schmidt
Über Schrödinger-Weil-Darstellungen und Thetafunktionen
34 S. Helmke
Über nilpotente Bahnen, einfache Singularitäten und modular invariante Partitionsfunktionen
33 W. L. Huang
Plückertransformationen über Grassmannräumen
32 R. Berndt
Jacobis Thetafunktionen
31 H. Strade
The Classification of the Simple Lie Algebras over Fields with Positive Characteristic
30 C. Daboul
Endliche Reduktion bei Darstellungen von affinen Kac-Moody-Algebren
29 U. Pollmann
Realisation der biaffinen Wurzelsysteme von Saito in Lie-Algebren
28 D. Alpen
Zur Struktur von GIM-Liealgebren
27 P. Slodowy
Groups and special singularities
26 W. L. Huang
Punkt- und Geradenabbildungen, die das Volumen $1$ von $n$-dimensionalen Simplices im $R^n$ erhalten
25 R. Berndt
Über Wiles' Ankündigung eines Beweises der Fermat-Vermutung
24 R. Berndt et al.
Vorträge zur $K$-Theorie
23 R. Halin
Minimization problems for infinite $n$-connected graphs
22 W. L. Huang
Geraden-Abbildungen, die den Flächeninhalt $1$ von Dreiecken erhalten
21 P. Slodowy
Two Notes on a finiteness problem in the theory of finite groups
20 R. Berndt, P. Slodowy
Seminar über Darstellungen von $SL_2(F)$ und $GL_2(F)$, $F$ ein lokaler Körper
19 V.B. Le, E. Prisner
Facet Graphs of Pure Simplicial Complexes and Related Concepts
18 A.N. Pressley
Quantum Groups
17 R. Berndt
On Automorphic Forms for the Jacobi Group
16 R. Berndt
Automorphe Formen: 3: Einführung in die Artin Vermutung und ihre Ausdehnung durch Langlands
15 R. Berndt
Automorphe Formen: 2: Zum Spektralproblem des hyperbolischen Laplaceoperators
14 R. Berndt
The Continuous Part of $L^2(\Gamma^J\G^J)$ for the Jacobi Group $G^J$
13 R. Berndt
Automorphe Formen: 1
12 T. Andreae
Some results on visibility graphs
11 H. Müller
Spezielle Funktionen in der Physik
10 J. Stevens
On the versal deformation of cyclic quotient singularities
9 K. Behnke, Christophersen
Hypersurface Sections and Obstructions (Rational Surface Singularities)
8 R. Berndt, F. Steiner
Hyperbolische Geometrie und Anwendungen in der Physik
7 E. Schröder
Metric Geometry
6 J. Stevens
On the Number of Points Determining a Canonical Curve
5 B. Schoeneberg
Erich Hecke 1887-1947
4 K. Behnke
On Auslander Modules of Normal Surface Singularities
3 R. Berndt
Darstellungen der Heisenberggruppe und Thetafunktionen
2 I. Kersten, J. Michalicek
Large $Z_p$-Extensions of Complex Multiplication Fields
International symposium on number theory and analysis: in honor of Erich Hecke 1887-1947: Hamburg 1987

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